back to article Bastard child of SpyEye/ZeuS merger appears online

Security researchers have got their hands on the first sample of code from the merger of the ZeuS and SpyEye cybercrime Trojan toolkits. Posts on Russian underground forums last year suggested that Slavik/Monstr, the author of ZeuS, was "retiring"1 from cybercrime and handing over the ZeuS source code to Gribodemon/Harderman, …


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  1. Scott Broukell

    Would somebody please .....

    write a banking fraud trojan that steals the bloomin` money back from the fraudulent bankers and recipients of banking bonuses and deposits it with the public purse, thereby ensuring that the majority of public / health services are not sold off to those same banker-peeps pals as investments and thereby also retaining a large number of under-paid local government jobs for the dedicated staff that currently try to make a living and provide for their families much like the majority of folk in this country who are fed up with being kicked in the teeth and made to bear the true cost of the financial mash-up caused by the complete and utter negligence on the part of the previous administration and their pals in the f%%*ing city !

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Re: Would somebody please .....Scott Broukell, Posted Tuesday 25th January 2011 13:09 GMT

    It is easier to crash the crooked system, Scott, if they, the powers that be, choose not to engage with new players who can crash the system and wipe out ponzi currencies, to level the playing field with everyone starting from Ground Zero. A little invisible worm here, and an undetectable trojan or two there, and a few intangible zeroday exploits here and there and everywhere, can work magical miracles. .......... and the odd thing is, is that they, the powers that be, should already know that, and are still ignoring the fact, and how stupid is that?

    Ah well, there is surely a method in their madness and I wish them good luck with it, although that never guaranteed anything except disappointment and mayhem, as luck plays no part in the competitive opposition which dogs them, for that would be a very smart networking program betatesting all manner of novel and sophisticated, virtualised operations. Just because it is something new down on earth doesn't mean that it news elsewhere.

    And if Davos isn't all about such virtually imperceptible attacks and stealthy assaults of key base vulnerabilities, and the need to immediately change the system from the present one of unbelievable debt creation to one of necessary credit supply, then is global collapse absolutely guaranteed.

    The Great Game has Changed.

    1. Scott Broukell


      Think i can see what you are driving at there, all a bit over my head though to be honest.

      It's just that banking can actually be carried out in a responsible manner, as I'm sure you are aware. Granted, the returns / profits won't be huge, or fast, but the main driver is long-term growth. Remember that term, "long-term", goes hand in hand with the tale of the tortoise and the hare and we all know how that turned out. Ok, ok, it will be boring banking, but I for one would rather have some sort of solid providential style money management that looks forward and considers it's impact on every ones children.

      As to the tech side of banking and it's oversight - there never has been any proper oversight and I'm afraid that the technologies employed will just ensnare us little peeps even more than we are already between the c(sh)ity folk and the shity folk who create malware to target our meager savings.

      I'll go and hug a tree and count my beads and groats then, ttfn.

  3. J. Cook Silver badge


    And here I was thinking the other context of the term "retired"- the type usually accompanied by a 9mm gift in the forehead.

    *needs to watch fewer mob movies*

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