back to article Oracle retains open source dictatorship

A popular Oracle-controlled open-source project faces a forking after the software giant reiterated that it will restrict what coders can change.</p Oracle has said that open sourcers are free to extend Project Hudson, the software-build and monitoring service it inherited from Sun Microsystems. They can add as many plug-ins …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    You only think your are free (and open)!!

    It's Oracle, so you knew this dog-bites-man story was coming in some form. Big proprietary software company buys signficant open-source assets and starts to rather ruthlessly monetize them. How much do you want to bet that in the future, Oracle's salesforce will only be pushing branded Hudson tools.

    I'm not even saying that this is necessarily wrong if you can provide a superior customer experience with the branded products, but its definitely not real open-source.

    Big brother, because he looks more like Larry Ellison than the evil Gates and Evil Jobs icons.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Seems to be version 3.3 .....

    for my Intel (Snow Leopard) iMac

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Seems to be version 3.3 .....

      3.5 is still "coming soon", at the moment 3.3 is the newest version.

      note, the comment is referring to LibreOffice.

  3. J. Cook Silver badge

    And now Oracle shows it's true colors...

    .... and deserves to be taken down a few pegs for it.

    "The tighter you make your grip, the more people will slip from your grasp"

    One has to wonder what they'll be renaming Java to after it gets forked out.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      RE: And now Oracle shows it's true colors...

      "One has to wonder what they'll be renaming Java to after it gets forked out."

      Unbreakable Java presumably. Though that's a bit of an Oxymoron.

    2. thecakeis(not)alie

      Open source Java

      Coffee, obviously.

  4. bertino

    Fight back....

    Since Oracle are playing billy big balls with open source now, is it not somehow possible to use a new license that states 'this code can be used and freely anyone except Oracle'. Would be nice to see this in the Linux kernal.......

    1. A J Stiles
      Thumb Down


      That would be far too close to a Bill of Attainder for many people's liking.

  5. JaitcH

    Ellison worse than Jobs: at least Jobs registers Tosh

    Ellison must think he is King Canute of Sun derived software.

    Jobs is smart enough to register his Tosh, even though a lot of it is prior art - sometimes 25 year-old prior art.

  6. There's a bee in my bot net

    Woo yah!

    Go Oracle! Show them crazy open sourcers how its done!

    1. NB

      See icon.

      it's all in the title.

  7. Paul Johnston
    Thumb Up

    Not the whole story

    "Oracle steamrolled the concerns of OpenSolaris and OpenOffice contributors. The former community put themselves out of business, "

    OpenSolaris gave birth to OpenIndiana "" which has released a development release in preparation for a stable version.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    So if Oracle has only applied for the trademark

    They seem to have reasonable grounds to object to the trademark being register; if they can get it blocked they can still use the name and there would be not a thing Oracle could do about it.

    Use the system like it's meant to be used, just because it's overused by big corporations doesn't mean it can't be used by the little guy too.

  9. FuzzyTheBear

    Indeed time for revenge ?

    The idea of a new license where corporations that are unfriendly to oss/gnu/linux/foss are just left out by including a new item in the license , but you don't tell them seem good to me.Then as they are used to do us, after a number of years , you get lawyers in , claim they used your code without permission and sue the hell out of them :)

    Seriously Oracle is digging it's open source grave.Sure as hell i would never contribute anything to them.They are our worst enemy.Pull people in eh , get them to work for free eh then sell them their work and stab them in the back eh ?Like i said in previous posts, just get your marbles and leave Oracle standing.They do not deserve your trust , your work and certainly not your heart and soul.

  10. Ubuntu Is a Better Slide Rule

    Alternatives To Oracle Systems

    MySQL: migrate to PostgreSQL, Firebird or OpenIngres

    OpenOffice: migrate to GNUmeric, AbiWord, gnu bc or even better: LaTeX

    Java: migrate to Python, PHP, GNU Ada or FreePascal/Lazarus

    Virtualbox: migrate to Xen or KVM

    There is no need to support this bully any longer.

  11. g e


    Apart from being an awful name (surely FreeOffice would have done and be snappier off the tongue?) I wonder if it'll make its way into Orrible Oryx or Petulant Panda or whatever the next offerings from Canonical are in their fine Ubuntu range

    Oh yeah and stuff Oracle. At this rate they'll have to end-of-line all the stuff they're not getting 99% free development on.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Canonical have already stated that their next release will include LibreOffice.

      Honestly though, I really do have to wonder what Oracle are playing at.

      The real money in monetising open source is support and servicing large corporate customers.

      I don't see that there is any real benefit to Oracle to piss everyone off with their heavy-handed tactics.

      Sure, it may be in their corporate nature to do so, but they are standing to lose OpenOffice (LibreOffice will replace it de facto, it is already), they are turning a lot of people off of JAVA (at least the official JVMs) and now Hudson.

      I just don't see it.

  12. Eduard Coli

    Samurai Larry

    Perhaps Lord Ellison thinks he can just simply chop off the heads of those who even think of insulting him?

  13. maclovinz


    I didn't know Leroy (Pronounced: Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeroooooyyyy) worked on this project.

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