back to article HP offers enterprise cloud service

HP is offering its own Enterprise Cloud Services directly to enterprises, and announcing a cloud infrastructure building service based on a hybrid delivery model. HP says its hybrid delivery is an integration of traditional IT with private and public cloud services based on service level agreements (SLAs). It wants to offer a …


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  1. jake Silver badge


    When I worked for HP, it wasn't a mindless marketing company, thrashing about, trying to stay as "hip" as all the johnny-come-lately SandHillRoad-financed WWW so-called "companies". How the mighty have fallen.

    Somewhere, Bill and Dave are spinning ...

  2. Chris Miller

    Marketing company?

    These days HP produces (very profitably) ink and toner - everything else is a sideshow.

  3. Matt Bryant Silver badge


    Shouldn't the headline have read "HP offers mild rehash of existing outsourcing but with a new marketting wrapper"?

  4. Tim's Tales

    Best of Breed solution?

    HP with the previous EDS acquisition, I would positively assume this would be a best of breed solution and not having all infrastructure farmed out of HP themselves. For more information read 'Tornados Often Look Like Clouds':

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