back to article HP blackens the skies with Cloud offerings

As El Reg previously reported, HP this morning announced a private cloud stack of integrated servers, storage, switches, systems management tools, and virtualization hypervisors called CloudSystem. The CloudSystem setup is comprised of the BladeSystem Matrix blade servers, announced in April 2009, ironically on the same day that …


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  1. Gabriele Bozzi
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    Pigs and lipsticks

    A cloud that relies on shared storage it's not Cloud.

    1.000 nodes is a respectable figure (for not-CSPs), however I would like to see the price of the supporting infrastructure to reach that.

    Cloud is synonim of near-linear scalability at low price (the latter trending to linearly decrease), I don't see this happening on shared storage architectures.

    Heck, even VMWare admits they are looking for alternatives as distributed storage.

    Nimbula, Eucalyptus and (on the application side) Hadoop: those are examples, to my knowledge, of scalable "shared-nothing" architectures for the Cloud, moreover, they all implement some sort of data/process vicinity.

    Rebranding massive deployment tools as Cloud architectures seems to be the trend of the last months...

    Where is a "fake cloud" icon?

This topic is closed for new posts.