back to article Will cloudy Cirtas be a rainmaker?

Can it cross the chasm? Cirtas, a cloud storage startup, has hired a professional CEO and secured a $22.5m B-round funding boost. The two-year-old company now has to sustain its momentum and prove its technology's worth. The market for cloud storage gateways is unproven, but technology start-ups are convinced that if cloud …


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  1. jake Silver badge

    Kindly explain ...

    How, exactly, is adding more network links going to improve my company's over-all data storage infrastructure, ESPECIALLY when I don't actually have control over those links, much less the hardware the data is stored on at the far end?

    In the words of TheGreatUnwashed[tm]: Do Not Want.

  2. Chris Mellor 1

    New CEO is going to stay

    This was sent to me:-

    Cirtas VP of Marketing and Product Management Josh Goldstein: "Gary is at Cirtas to stay – he’s not a temporary CEO and he’s not going back to Bessemer. ... Gary joined Cirtas after 3.5 years as an EIR (Entrepreneur In Residence) and out of several other CEO job offers."


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