back to article ICO slaps NHSBT for wrong organ donor data

The Information Commissioner's Office has reprimanded NHS Blood and Transplant for wrongly recording organ donation preferences over a decade. The ICO said that in March 2010 NHSBT, which manages the Organ Donation Register (ODR), found irregularities between donation preferences stated on Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency ( …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Title whit, where, when

    Did they transplant the wrong data

  2. Tequila Joe

    Well, of course, now I'm completely reassured...

    I may be getting thicker as I get older but from the 'explanations' in the story I couldn't figure out what had been happening, so I followed the Kable link hoping for more info and found two sub-headings next to each other:

    'Yorkshire NHS and police admit data breaches'

    'NHS resumes SCR mailings to patients'

    Which led me to "...a cleaner at a Rotherham hospital viewing a friend's private medical files."

    To check for an organ match, perhaps?

  3. Graham Marsden

    "donations of 25 people had been affected"

    But in which way?

    If they failed to take organs from those who wanted to donate, that's a tragic waste.

    If they took organs from those who had not wanted to donate, that's a crime.

  4. dylan 4

    We've come for your liver.

    "But I'm still using it!"

  5. Simon B

    a number of patients were contacted directly!!!.

    'a number of patients were contacted directly in order to ensure that their original preferences were accurate.'

    Excuse me Mr DEAD guy, did you REALLY want to donate your kidneys?

  6. Steve Davies

    A data screwup at the DVLA. You jest.

    Can't happen There is legislation that says the DVLA data is 'correct'.

    And of course, its the DVLA who (according to the DVLA) 'don't make mistakes'.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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