back to article EMC wages psych war against NetApp

EMC parked three EMC-branded BMW Minis outside NetApp's Sunnyvale HQ on Tuesday (Jan 18) as it escalated the rumble in the storage jungle against its strongest storage competitor, the boys in ONTAP blue. EMC Minis outside NetApp Sunnyvale HQ EMC-branded Minis outside NetApp Sunnyvale HQ Why taunt your enemy in this way? …


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  1. The Cube

    Perhaps NetApp need a branded M1 Abrahams tank

    That they could drive up and down the road in front of their offices...

  2. Etherealmind


    I can only think that EMC feels they have nothing left to lose. Wall Street thinks that EMC has only two things of value - VMware and RSA and the company valuation is negative for storage.

    So I guess some childish pranks from the school ground don't really matter. Or are they hiding something else ?

  3. Tim's Tales

    EMC Nervous on the Sidelines

    Interesting and quite accurate article, here are two more Articles/Blog posts on the same topic:

    'Nervous on the Sidelines' and 'EMC Taunts NetApp'



This topic is closed for new posts.

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