back to article BSkyB to scoop up The Cloud in bid to rival BT wireless biz

BSkyB is reportedly poised to buy wireless hotspot provider The Cloud later this week. According to The Sunday Times (behind paywall), which is owned by Sky parent News Corporation, the broadcaster will announce the acquisition later this week. The newspaper said that under the deal, Sky would offer its 2.8 million fixed-line …


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  1. Benny

    Does that mean

    That the current free wifi from the Cloud that BT/O2 offer will disapear?

    That would be a bit sucky, kind of useful when stuck at a station or pub (I know, the hardship)

    1. Mitch Kent
      Thumb Up

      Less sucky

      ...if you have sky but not O2 :D

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Well News Corp has to still make money...

    ...From this deal.

    Meaning that I would expect that current guest access between the cloud/o2/BT will continue. Breaking up the things that make the cloud a successful business just to give away freebies doesnt exactly make sense.

    Love or hate Murdoch he doesn't normally destroy the businesses that he takes over, otherwise he wouldn't have a business for long.

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