back to article WiFi comes to Sydney buses

A commuter taking a two-hour intercity train trip to Sydney has both the space and the time to make serious use of a WiFi network but, alas, doesn’t have the WiFi network. However, in an almost unheralded trial announced during the silly season and switched on last week, commuters between the eastern suburb of Maroubra and the …


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  1. Antipodean

    Need more time

    They'll need to add more time as the traffic through that area can be really, really bad.

    Don't know about Leichardt dripping with cool. Dripping maybe, but not cool. :D


  2. BristolBachelor Gold badge

    Old hat in Madrid

    Had this on most of the buses in Madrid since last year (eventually will be on all of them).

    Unfortunately it's not on the commuter coaches that go into Madrid from the mountains though :(

    Cerveza porque es viernes (Friday!)

  3. druck Silver badge


    They've got on bus Wifi on the X5 to Cambridge - it's a complete waste of time, it's just connected to a single 3G link, and is far slower than using your phone's own 3G.

  4. Socrates

    Been there, done that

    Actually, laptops can and are already used on Sydney buses - I use mine every day with the 3G network. The type of bus makes quite a dfference though: the newer buses are air-conditioned, more spacious and oddly, also have better 3G reception with their big windows than the older style, which appear to be better Faraday cages.

  5. DrK

    Available in Scotland's buses too

    I noticed Citylink are offering free wifi on their Edinburgh-Glasgow routes too...

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