back to article Microsoft explains Windows 7 Phone phantom data cockup

Microsoft has blamed third party software for a Windows Phone 7 glitch that transmitted huge chunks of data over 3G networks, causing some subscribers to exceed their monthly tariff. The software vendor issued the following vague statement to Seattle PI: "We have determined that a third party solution commonly accessed from …


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  1. Dave Fox

    Low (single digit) percentage?

    Given that the vast majority of smartphone users (of any particular OS) are going to be pretty much ignorant of data allowances, and how much data they actually use, I would say that if a low, single digit, percentage of WP7 users are actually *reporting* the problem, it is likely far more widespread than MS suggests.

    Just because (a) someone doesn't know they have this issue, or (b) doesn't report to MS that they have this issue, doesn't mean that they aren't affected.

    I'm not a WP7 user, but I do read sites such as these. If I were, and I'd noticed the excessive data usage, but knew that it was a known issue that MS were looking into, I wouldn't have reported it myself either!

    1. Mako

      I think I would...

      If only because:

      a) I might be one of those people with a different root cause than the majority - perhaps one that MS weren't aware of

      b) I might be entitled to be compensated for the excess charges I might have incurred through no fault of my own.

  2. Richard 31
    Paris Hilton

    Process of elimination.

    So would all those that own a Win 7 phone with this problem post a list of the 3rd party stuff they have installed so we can work out who to blame?

    1. Robert E A Harvey
      Gates Horns

      how odd

      we were not trampled afoot by the rush.

  3. damian fell

    windows phone 7 - Fail for so many reasons

    To be honest having seen and played with a shiny new HTC HD7 phone, I'm sticking with my winmo 6.5 HD2 and will probably move to Android for my next phone.

    Data slurping of my monthly allowance would be a minor inconvenience of upgrading to WP7 in comparison to having no file manager, no bluetooth file transfer, no USB PIM sync ability (unless you use a web based service), no USB storage mounting option, unable to use mp3 as a ringtone (assuming you can transfer the file onto the phone in the first place)....

    Unfortunately Microsoft seem to have gone down the iOS route and have locked the device owner out of any useful features unless you buy an app from their marketplace, which is a shame because they've finally got the bloody user interface right

    Windows phone 7 is literally just a (slightly) smart phone OS not a mobile computing OS.

    1. Robert E A Harvey

      version 7 ???

      version 7 and basic bluetooth functions are missing?

      version 7 and no USB storage mode?

      version 7 and no mp3 ringtones?

      version 7 and no USB sync mode?

      version 7 and no cut&paste?

      This is an "upgrade"?

  4. Shaun 1

    Got to assume

    that this is something to do with the Facebook integration

    1. sitruc

      Re: Got to assume

      Most have said it was yahoo.

    2. Tzael

      Re: Got to assume

      I make use of the Facebook integration quite a bit with my Omnia 7, can truthfully say that data usage since October when I got my phone has been quite low (less than 30 megabytes per month with no escalation over time).

      I'm careful with apps though. Each app shows the information and features it needs to access when viewed in the apps marketplace, if an app piques my curiosity but requires access to my location, my identity or my phone's identity despite obviously not requiring it then I won't install the app. A lot of the free games do this, thankfully the Xbox Live games don't require access to personal or phone identities.

      I'm tempted to point the finger at mobile operator apps. I uninstalled the Orange apps on day one, partly because their first iterations refused to work over wifi (wanted to use mobile data connection instead). Whatever the cause at least it's been identified and Microsoft have stated that they're working with the third party in question to resolve the matter.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Blames third party, doesn't reveal who

    My money is on operator installed crap/bloat ware.. making the operator liable for incurred costs... fire up the lawyers I smell a sueing...

    1. Tom 35


      It might be Microsoft installed crap/bloat that they outsourced to a 3rd party.

      I notice that they are not saying what is in all that data that's being transferred.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Third Party?

    Could Microsoft tell me what the third party application is so that I can uninstall it if it is installed?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Welcome to the world of business..

      can you tell consumer who *may* of fucked up.

      No, because that may result in one or more parties have the ass sued off them.

      Always may 100% sure who is the culprit before issuing a statement.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      very irresponsible of them not to

      by not telling people what app is causing the problem, and presumably no fix on the horizon given the glacial pace they are moving if this is hitting people in the back pocket then by not helping they are part of the problem...

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      I believe it was Yahoo that was causing the problem, it has been reported in few other sites, although one copies the other as per usual.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Low (single digit) percentage

    So somewhere between 1 and 9 users then ?

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. dssf

    Is there a tool to help users self-cap?

    When shooting videdo on my HTC EVO 4G, i have several options for recording length:

    1 MB

    2 MB

    10 secs

    30 secs

    1 mins (yes, mins, not min, lol)

    3 mins

    No limit

    There should be something such as this for controlling what moves off our phones and what directories are locked. I want a tool that lets me cordon off folders of my choosing, even if they are system folders. I renamed folders related to one of those lame games, and still the game runs. Most likely i didn't get everything, but something should have been crippled or displayed a complaint.

    It would be nice if we can tell the phone:

    -- NEVER offload from X folder

    -- NEVER offload data or streams in excess of X kb, in any hour

    -- NEVER offload data or streams in excess of Y MB in any minute

    -- (pick your condition)

    even if it degrades our individual user experience.

    It is NOT enough to simply observe byte counts. WE, the USERS, should have tools that give US the power to control what comes off our phones and to unequivocally know what IP addresses are getting it.

  9. Eduard Coli
    Gates Horns

    M$ glibness

    Will M$ ever learn.

    First the endure NSA key and now if you use W7 mobile you have to consider how much of your life billwg&Co. are stockpiling away to trade with the gobberment when thy get caught again for trade practices or when Bill wants to push up the VISA cap.

    Why would anyone believe what the M$ app site has to say about what an app needs or wats access to? M$ has been caught out in the open lying about what data it is farming before. so why would things be different now?

    1. dogged


      That was SOOOOO funny in 1993. How we laughed.

      Ha ha ha.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Low single % ?

    So is that all three of them then ?

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