back to article Kiwis Demand: Talk TPPA turkey to us, Prime Minister

New Zealand unions are demanding that the country’s government tell people what is being proposed under the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) negotiations. Unions believe the TPPA will give foreign investors excessive rights and protection, including the ability to sue for breaches of their treaty rights. For …


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  1. Rattus Rattus

    Why on earth

    do countries still enter into trade agreements with USA? Every agreement they've been involved in over the last fifty years at least has been beneficial ONLY to the US. Everyone else gets screwed. This has been the pattern again and again, do governments still believe they can talk the US into giving anything away?

  2. Adair Silver badge


    [that is all]

  3. gratou

    monolythic thinking, that's why.

    NZ has made software not patentable though so there's some (tiny) hoping.

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