back to article Nintendo details 3DS roll-out

Nintendo says gamers will be able to get its forthcoming handheld console - sorry, "personal entertainment system" - the 3DS, on 25 March. Today it revealed a bunch of features to whet appetites while they wait. The much anticipated device will hit Europe two days before the US and although prices are to be set by retailers, …


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  1. Anomalous Cowturd

    $250 or £230

    Are they trying to compete with Microsoft?

    Grey import it is then...

  2. Scott 67

    That price..


    For a handheld that has had a region lock slapped on it, has crap for battery ninty, just no. Hopefully someone can "help" with that there lock.

  3. Joefish

    Me? The 13th Duke of Wybourne?

    Playing 'Dead or Alive'?

    In 3D?

    On a touchscreen?

    With my reputation?

    What were they thinking?

  4. Nya

    Over priced

    Way over priced for what you get. It's cheaper to get Samsung's new Android MP3 Player come gaming phone without a phone thingy.

    Now, chop £100 off that price and maybe, but £220?! you have to be kidding me!

  5. bluesxman


    "StreetPass, a tool that automatically links devices as they cross paths - even when running in sleep mode."

    That'll do wonders for the disappointing battery life...

  6. YoYO

    Same price as a PS3 console then.


  7. Anonymous Coward
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    Thanks for screwing UK buyers

    So $250 = £230 ?

    To quote Dragons Den "thanks, but I'm out".

  8. Steven Hunter
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    If Nintendo is smart, it will be Bluetooth enabled so as to be used as a classic controller for the Wii. Especially if you want to share Mii's between console and portable.

  9. Danny Roberts 1
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    $/£ <= Is not a valid title!

    OK, I know that US prices are quoted sans sales tax (usually around 7 or 8%, not our 20%) but even so, as usual the price comparison is lousy!

    Check my maths for me, I'm assuming the £230 price quoted is including VAT;

    $250 = ~£156 OK...

    $250 + 8% Sales Tax = $270 = ~£168 <= Price that should be used for comparison!

    £156 + 20% Sales Tax (VAT) = £187 <= The difference in tax rates accounts for £19 (£187 - £168)

    So how can they account for the other £43 ([£230 - £156] + £19) price difference. It doesn't cost that much to ship a single DS from the US, even assuming they were shipped to the US from China/Taiwan and then back to the UK!

  10. Nick Hoath

    UK/EU price premium

    I was going to buy a 3DS at launch. But not with that price premium. Who do Nintendo think they are kidding?

  11. Daniel 43

    ya wha?

    "kiddy stuff like exclusive Shaun the Sheep videos"

    I love Sean the Sheep!

  12. spencer

    Thanks Nintendo Europe

    >£200 for a region locked handheld..

    ..more expensive than a Xbox 360.

    This could be a hard sell

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Perhaps I'm being picky...

    ... but having "3D" in so many game titles seems a little redundant on a 3D console.

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