back to article Sage moves into cloud with online SMB accounting package

Business software company Sage launched a new web-based accounting product today targeted at individuals and SMBs. The Newcastle-based FTSE 100-listed firm developed the software, which was built on the Ruby-on-Rails open source web application framework, as part of Sage's effort to focus on what its North European boss Paul …


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  1. DuaneJackson

    Basic + a big catch

    A very basic product, hardly competes with established SaaS products.

    And if you register for the "Free" trial you'll be billed if you don't phone them to cancel.

    See "Sage One - First Impressions" at

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Excellent Plug...

      ... Duane Jackson, CEO of linked established SaaS product :)

  2. Andy Neillans

    Microsoft? Rival?

    How can you call Microsoft a rival to Sage? Even if you look at the Sage AccPacc product vs Dynamics, there is very little rivalry!

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