back to article Microsoft readies official Kinect support for PCs

In the wake of the many Kinect hacks informally converting the player-sensing control device, Microsoft will release official drivers and a Kinect SDK for Windows PCs. Hackers tore apart the device late last year and made it run on both Windows and Mac OS X, with video footage released of the device controlling Windows 7 …


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  1. JDX Gold badge

    no way

    That's dangerously fast reactions for a giant corp, listening to customers and doing something!

    1. LaeMing

      Yes, but this is MicroSOFT HARDWARE we are dealing with.

      Ironically, the only part of the company that seems to earn respect from its customers.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        Oh what short memories people have. May I introduce you to the ...

        ... XBOX-360.

        Yes, that's right. Perfect hardware ... not! Rife with problems - still.

  2. The Indomitable Gall

    Homebrewers, do me proud.

    I expect to see several versions of Pro Chairthrowing Simulator in the first wave of homebrew games.

    A tribute to both Ballmer and to those classic Codemasters games of a more civilised age....

  3. Ian Yates
    Thumb Up

    Good on them

    It's rare to see a company know it's too late to stop their product being used for purposes they didn't intend and actually decide to allow, let alone support it.

    1. Monty Burns

      Hopefully ...

      not the first time, now WinPho7 has been hacked, hopefully they will follow the Kinnect lead... although of course, this is a diference kettle of fish.

      Reality has bitten them? Hopefully the message sinks in like a case of rabies!

  4. Gary Holcombe

    RROD on PC?

    Well, lets hope using it on a PC wont cause the pc to suddenly stop working!

  5. Monty Burns

    Think this is a major win in ...

    PR AND progress for MS, not often we get to say this but, well done! Bloody good move!

    I wasn't going to buy one for my 360 BUT I could well do for my PC.

  6. Andy Farley
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    Mouse control with eye movement soon?

    Let's see if I can get my calorie output to zero.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother


    gestures hypnotically.

  8. CmdrX3
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    Smart move....finally!!

    They should have done this from day one. Personally I think they should go a lot further. It should also be miniaturised to webcam size or less. I always thought they should improve on it and license it out to monitor/TV manufacturers. Completely bypass touchscreen and instead of trying to replace a keyboard and mouse, compliment it with motion control. It's would be so much easier to swipe onto a new desktop with a flick of the wrist or scroll through webpages or PDF's. There are so many uses for motion control on the PC other than games many of which are far easier and convenient than using touchscreen, so definitely a good move for MS, and hopefully they won't fuck it up.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    So if kinect is the new UI controller for PCs...

    Is the xbox going the way of the zune?

  10. Johnny Canuck


    Never let an opportunity to play the "monkey boy" video go by.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    (2nd video) Ouch baby ouch?

    Ouch Baby Ouch

  12. url
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    There are some problems with your post, The title is required...

    fantastic news!!!

    this "should" really help MS consolidate windows as a HTPC platform too.

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