back to article Greyhats had up for AT&T iPad celebrity backdoor slurp breach

The "theft" of email address and personal information of early adopters of Apple's iPad tablet last June is about to become the subject of a criminal prosecution. The personal details, including phone numbers, of around 114,000 iPad 3G users were obtained from insecure servers maintained by AT&T. Those exposed included …


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  1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    Criminal charges

    For AT&T for not exercising due diligence over their customers confidential data?

  2. Cameron Colley

    I admire these hackers, but...

    I can't help thinking that they want to go to jail or something. I think it would be obvious to most people that showing a corporation up as having shitty security by exposing data would end in tears.

    I wish I had the patience, skills, etc. to do what they do, but I am glad I have the sense not to stick my finger in the air at a US corporation, piss on their carpet and shout "sue me if you dare, fuckers!".

  3. Otto von Humpenstumpf

    We're fresh out of titles, sorry.

    John, why did you put the word 'theft' in quotes in your article? Do you want to suggest that it wasn't really a theft because "nothing got stolen, only copied" (Welcome to Freetardia), or because there were security issues with the application?

    Perhaps you don't consider the theft of thousands of email addresses and other personal data as not so serious?

    If it's the latter, you might change your mind once your email address gets stolen and as a result you drown in "undeliverable message" notifications because some twunt somewhere in Russia used it to forge the Return-to address.

  4. Graham Lockley

    Bored with titles

    'Hey guys your front door is open and ayone can come in and nick this stuff !'

    'That'll do sonny boy, lets discuss this down at the nick'

    Well thats how it seems to me ?

  5. Combat Wombat

    Yes.. the hackers are tools

    But isn't this a case of shooting the kid who pointed out the emperor has no clothes?

    Do we see AT&T being raked over the coals because they had tissue paper thin security ?


    What this will end up doing, is stop people reporting things like this to the public. They'll just sell the information to organized crime instead.

  6. thecakeis(not)alie

    Greyhats had up for AT&T iPad celebrity backdoor slurp breach.

    I believe my grey matter has spontainiously converted into a pink mist. Well done.

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