back to article Case cut-outs connote iPad 2 SD, HDMI connectivity

Circumstantial evidence that the iPad 2 will sport not only its customary array of portage but also an SD card slot and a HD TV connector come from pics of a plastic case that have popped up online. The snaps, posted by website MIC Gadget, show a small space on the top of the case and another on the left-hand side. You can see …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Mini DisplayPort / HDMI

    My mac has minidisplay port, and plugged into it is a HDMI adapter with audio. So I don't think your reasoning is very sound.

    1. Steven Knox

      HDMI Audio out

      Seems rather sound to me...

  2. Annihilator

    Apple sports standard hardware

    Bit early aren't you? April 1st is weeks away yet!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    'And the port on the top? A mini DisplayPort connector some have suggested, though since that would limit the iPad to monitor connections, we'd suggest a mini HDMI port is more likely. '

    Of course it will be mini DisplayPort - they can then sell you an adaptor for £20!

  4. James Thomas

    Could be DisplayPort

    Charlie over at SemiAccurate claims to have info that the iPhone 5 will have a mini-display port output, so it makes sense for it to be on the iPad 2 also, though as you say on the iPad I would expect there to be an HDMI out.

    OTOH DP -> HDMI adapters aren't too pricey these days, especially if you only need 1080p.

  5. Oliver Smith

    iPad to TV direct instead of AppleTV?

    You can already connect an iPad to a TV directly using a composite/component cable, so I don't expect them to limit it's TV connectivity in the next version..

  6. Ian Yates


    Apple don't exactly have a track record with allowing removable storage on their mobile devices; why would they start now?

    Slight OT, but why do all tablets have a rear camera? Is it just bullet-point filling or have I missed an important tablet use-case?

    1. jai


      I was talking to someone about that and they pointed out that the cost involved in the manufacturing process to include a rear camera is probably negligable, especially when the economies of scale kick in and you order enough cameras for all your ipads and iphones being made this year.

      Even if no one ever uses it, it'll still shut up half the commentards on El Reg who would bemoan the absense of a rear-facing camera if given the chance.

    2. Giles Jones Gold badge

      Probably because?

      Probably because people who totally miss the point of a tablet computer always say "Has it got a camera" and then look disappointed when you tell them it doesn't. Even my own brother said that.

      Everything must have a camera now. Phone, laptop computer, mp3 player. Without one how else are people going to post lots of mindless drivel to Facebook?

      1. Annihilator

        @ Giles Jones

        "Even my own brother said that"

        Not your own brother??! ;-)

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Rear camera

      I'm unconvinced by the connectivity claims all round - surely Apple will just keep the elegance of only having a dock connector and sell a dock to hdmi cable. Many of us would like an SD slot but I'm still surprised they put them into their laptops as usb readers are small enough and cheap enough. Surely the future is wireless anyway - an eye-fi combined SD/WIFI (why is this wifi rather than Bluetooth?).

      Rear camera? The camera on my iPhone5 works well as a 'scanner' - you can take a good shot of a document with it - and I'm in an org. where a lot of photo's are taken of whiteboards (and we have people using iPads as diary/email/notebooks in meetings).

      1. Mark 65


        You have an iphone 5?

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          He did have...

          ...but he left it in a bar.

  7. BristolBachelor Gold badge

    SD vs USB card reader accessory

    "now that iOS 4 has killed Apple's SD card reader accessory"

    Actually it was a USB accessory, and the distinction is very important. If the new iPad really does have the resolution that is claimed, it would be perfect to check digital images in the field, and then a CF adaptor would have to be plugged into the USB accessory.

    I am suddenly very interested given that the 3" 0.3MP screen on the back of digital cameras is like squinting at a photograph whilst drunk in the dark trying to see if the focus & exposure is correct in a 21MP image!

    An alternative is a battery-powered digital photo frame that supports CF and has a resolution of 2MP or more - shout if you know of one, cheers!

    1. Jeb

      New HDMI on camera monitors will do the job

      No need for a battery powered digital photo frame with a CF reader. There are a few small and affordable HDMI monitors coming to market which one can mount on your D-SLR hotshoe. They allow focus confirmation and all theother sort of things videographers are used to but are very handy for stills as well.

      Sony just announced the CLM-V55 at CES. Rumored to be about $400-500.

  8. stucs201

    Are we forgetting last years amusement at the name?

    Surely the important questions are is the absorbancy better and does it have wings?

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