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Saren, Reapers, Blue Suns, Geth. If these names mean nothing to you then consider yourself in the position of the majority of PS3 owners: that of never having experienced Mass Effect. That’s because Mass Effect, BioWare’s seminal action-RPG, never made its way onto Sony’s console, instead finding a home on only Xbox 360 and PC …


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  1. Filippo Silver badge

    yes but

    Does it have lesbian sex scenes like the first? If not, I'm not interested.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    i'm sure many readers, myself included, wanted to hear about how this port actually looks - as a big deal has been made about the new graphics engine being used for this release. but no, nothing. did you just copy and paste an old 360 review and just change a couple of words?

    i'm not even convinced the writer has played the game; i could cobble something very similar together from a few old press releases.

    1. g e

      I got it on the '360

      But, having a PS3 (the preferred console of the two), I d/l'd the ME2 PS3 demo and I thought the graphics looked sharper and the colours richer.

      Both the 360 and the PS3 are HDMI-wired to a 42" Sharp Aquos.

      Had I not paid 15 quid for ME2 '360 off ebay (yeah, OK, I didn't get a Cerberus key), the PS3 ver would be a winner on comparison.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    It does - yes, indeed it does.

    Just playing through as female Shepard on the XBox, and Kelly is a cutie.

    And PS3 people - this game is crack on digital media - the hours and hours that can be spent on this work of art... stupendous game.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Just a shame...

    i can buy it for £10 for the 360 now, but the PS3 version is £50 - ouch, plus once sony re-code them to stop the key leak they will all be shiny black bricks.

    1. Rich 30


      £10!? What a scam!!!

      I got mine, from Game online, brand new, inc delivery, for £4.87 about 3 weeks ago. I was very pleased with the purchase.

      Sadly not had time to play it yet, i dont get a lot of xbox time, I'm still trawling through the excellent Red Dead Redemption. So ME2 is on my to play shelf, a long with a good few other games. But i am REALLY looking forward to it!

      I'm also really looking forward to the new Elder Scrolls game.

  5. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse
    Thumb Up

    Oh no...

    Not another "must play"!!!!

    I have to say that I've been looking forward to this game for ages and even though the demo was a bit rough round the edges it did give a sense that this was going to be epic. The problem here is that I still haven't had the time to complete the other "must plays" including Uncharted, Uncharted II and Battlefield II that I currently have collecting dust on the bookshelf.

    Still, hopefully when I get around to it the price will have dropped a bit, but by then Deus Ex III will be out as well :-$

    @ AC "ugh!!" - Be fair, in the UK at least the game isn't actually released until the 21st. Try Eurogamer though - they already have posted up full tech comparisons between Xbox & PS3 comparison on their Digital Foundry pages.


    1. Miek


      Get Uncharted off the shelf and into your drive immediately.

  6. Evoflash
    Thumb Up

    Might have to get this!

    Tend to ignore sequels, and don't have 360 so very pleased and interested to read about this. Sounds like I might have to invest.


  7. phuzz Silver badge


    Who's that bloke in the N7 armour in your screenshots?

    I hope he's off to find Shepard so she can save the world (again).

    Translation for first time players > the voice work for the female Shepard is way better.

  8. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

    @ Miek

    To be fair I am about 20 minutes into Uncharted but I have a feeling that I may have some way to go...

    1. MJI Silver badge

      4 goes through I think




      Get the rest of the trophies on easy

      One bit of advice - in the generator room - make for the door, unlimited respawn.

      I managed it last night on Crushing no deaths in the bunker area.

      Also USE COVER

      1. MJI Silver badge

        Even better now

        I Platinumed last night, too many games too little time.

        Tempted by ME2 but not sure if I will like it.

        Do I buy it?

  9. Anonymous Coward
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    One of the best games that I have ever played, played it on the PC myself, with everything maxed. Loved it. Do yourself a favour, play it on one of the higher difficulties.

    It's a shame that ps3 owners can't import their old ME1 Shep, as it is a weird frisson, seeing them wake up at the start of the second game. Great continuity.

    Oh, and it is indeed better to have a female Shep, the voice work is a lot better, she sounds serious and businesslike. The actor playing male Shep is just wooden.

    The rest of the cast is like a who's who of big budget network scifi of the last N years too- show the cast list to your local trekkie/scifi weenie, and they will explain- I was surprised. The game is full of odd details and off-colour humour in the background, if you look for it too- and even a rather good Gilbert and Sullivan pastiche.

    The plot is unusually good, the production values are better than some movies, the game plays like a dream. Mass Effect 2 really did advance the art of games a lot more than yet another generic FPS. One of my favourite games ever.

    Of last year's games, I would say that ME2, Red Dead Redemption and Borderlands were my top three. Seriously, PS3 owners, jump on the chance to finally play this :)

  10. Llyander

    What about the comparison?

    So what about a comparison to the 360 and PC versions? Is it worth picking up? Should we not bother? Okay, glowing review, but there's been other versions of it available for near a year now so how about actually telling us if the gameplay is any different, if the graphics are any better, if the loading times have changed....?

    1. Citizen Kaned


      obviously the game will not be different on each platform. and the pc will have vastly superior gfx - if your pc can handle it.

      pretty standard i would say really.

    2. Abremms

      ps3 graphics

      graphics in the PS3 version will be better because they are using the new engine they are working on for ME3. I can't speak to load times, but the PS3 graphics should be signifigantly better than 360 with sharper textures and better shading.

      The difference may not be as noticable vs. the PC version on a solid rig, but I would imagine it is still there.

  11. David Neil


    Does the male Shep still have that really weird grin that almost makes Gordon Brown look human?

  12. Belfunk


    Or search for ME2 on Argos' website

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