back to article Symantec launches scale-out NAS using Chinese hardware

Symantec is taking on NetApp and EMC with a scale-out NAS (network-attached storage) cluster using Chinese hardware. Chinese dragon The FileStore N8300 is a 2 - 6 node active:active cluster offering CIFS and NFS access and up to 1.4PB of disk space. The product uses the clustered file system from Symantec's Veritas Storage …


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  1. Simon B

    Will this Symantec product also drain your resources?

    I wouldn't touch anything Symantec, it will likely be very sluggish and drain your PC when you talk to it!

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Huawei's "Trojan horse"

    I'm confused now. This is the same Huawei that's been scrubbing its links to Phorm?

    Phorm know all about trojan horses, and network attached storage technology.

    And I'd trust Huawei to process/store my business data because what?

  3. Originone

    Why a dragon?

    Could have been a pic of a panda, the great wallof china , terracotta soldiers, or tanks in tienamen square to ensure we understood you meant that china and not some other china.

    Is it just because dragons are cool?

    Can this pictorial method of identifying the country in an article be extended. For instance can we have a picture of Steve Irwin with a kangaroo in the middle of all future articles about Australia's NBN, a random fat person with a gun every time the USA is mentioned, and maybe the queen whenever Ol'Blighty makes the news?

  4. mhenriday

    Why the pronounced emphasis on the fact that

    the hardware happens to be made in China by a Chinese firm ? Would Chris Mellor/the Reg have written/published this article in the same manner if the hardware manufacturer had been from, say, the US or the UK ? Or are we to presume that hardware produced in these latter countries is, ipso facto, somehow safer than that produced in China ?...


  5. SplitBrain

    CFS? Puh-leeze.....

    I have the pleasure of administering a good few Oracle RAC clusters using Storage Foundation for RAC, the vxfs Cluster FIlesystem is an unstable and hugely buggy filesystem at the best of times......couple it with a Chinese NAS box.....well, I wonder how many of these "appliances" they will sell..

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