back to article Oh noes – they've stolen the internet!

Entanet customers relying on the firm's Stepney Green exchange are struggling without access today - thanks to thieves who got in over the weekend. Entanet engineers had to wait for police clearance before they could get inside and see what damage had been done, and what kit had been pinched. The company sent us the following …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    business before people

    So your home gets burgled, trashed and the plod don't give a rats ass?

    But a data centre somewhere gets broken into and they are all over it?

    Nice. Thanks pigs.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Don't they?

      I admit, I've only ever needed to deal with the police (as a reportee) a couple of times in my life (one burglary, one car break-in), but the people I dealt with certainly "give a rat's ass" - in the sense that the itemised what was stolen and gave me a crime reference number, that is.

      In both (separate) cases, I was told that they know the group that did it, but they would never be to pin it on them. And while I won't go in to the details, I agreed with them. I would have loved some justice, but for the (insured) <£100 stolen each time, it wouldn't have been worth their effort, knowing almost certainly that the goods would have been fenced, stashed, or dumped already.

      TL;DR: What's with the unsubstantiated claim and unnecessary insult?

      1. Chris Harden


        *laughs at the TL;DR;*

      2. Anonymous Coward

        People who like horses

        Mobile people may have done it, in which case the police say they can do nothing. Or put it another way, the police always blame the mobile horse folks so that they don't need to actually catch anyone.

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Up


        I agree the only time i've been burgled, last year, the West Yorkshire police were great. They had someone around on the Sunday evening within an Hour of it being reported.

        Again, they had a pretty good idea who it was, but couldnt pin it on the b*gger. However, apparently, they found evidence in one of the other houses in the area, and he got put away anyway.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Attention grabbing

      I found that a good tactic was to interrupt the disinterested policeman at the end of the telephone with "Oh - I think there's someone upstairs. I'm going up there now with a kitchen knife" and put the phone down. Police were at my front door in two minutes.

    3. Anonymous Coward

      @AC 15:50

      "So your home gets burgled, trashed and the plod don't give a rats ass?"

      Well, they are too busy getting injured at riots^z^^z protest marches (where they get criticised if they try to defend themselves/the public/an area by people claiming they are too heavy handed). They have all had their batons removed and replaced by feathers to apprehend criminals.

      If its a riot in the street with public property being damaged, the police are too heavy handed.

      If its your property, they aren't doing enough.

      Make you bloody minds up.

  2. Ball boy Silver badge


    What's that mean, then?

    Surely it'd be 'half-inched' if you're after local flavour?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      I think...

      I think the word they are looking for is burgled.

      Whatever next? Burglarisated?

      1. Anonymous Coward


        Burglarized first appeared as a word in 1871, burgled didn't appear until 1880. Both are back formations of the word burglar.

        See me afterwards.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Obviously been watching too many Jon Culshaw impressions of Dubbya.

  3. foxski
    Thumb Up

    Oh noes – they've stolen the internet!

    Best tagline this year, made me chuckle

  4. Stuart Castle Silver badge


    "In the early hours of Monday 17th Jan, we advised Entanet customers via our Network Operations Centre (, twitter and email subscriptions that we had lost connectivity to"

    Which, of course, assumes the customer has some method for accessing all these Internet based facilities when their entanet connection is down..

    1. Chad H.


      I'm sure the average enta punter owns a mobile phone, so I'd say yeah, they probably can access those online options.

      Even the most basic phones these days will do web and email.

      1. Brian Griffiths

        mobile phone

        I have a mobile phone; unfortunately out in the sticks here the only way to make it work properly is to use a Vodafone "Sure Signal" - errrrrr

      2. Stuart Castle Silver badge


        Assuming of course that they had a working mobile (which is, in most cases, likely) and that the local mobile backhaul wasn't routed via that data centre..

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    Couldn't happen to a nicer company.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Maybe Entanet will just do what they did to fix one of their previous outages - nick the kit from another rack, cutting off a different group of people.

  6. LinkOfHyrule

    teh interwebz

    When this theft took place, were teh interwebz piled on to a big truck by the thieves do we know? Or maybe they made their getaway via a series of tubes (The Underground)????

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  7. DigitalDisaster

    Not the first time

    The Stepney Green BT Exchange was burgled back in 2008 as well. A number of line cards were stolen from BT 21CN equipment last time.

  8. bikerboi87


    This is literally one of the first things I've read on the internet since my migration from BT to Entanet completes.....

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    And I thought...

    ...something good had happened when you used the term "burglarised." I thought it was new jargon that perhaps meant the systems had been upgraded but one assumes that the writer is using some sloppy words invented in those united states.

    Old gag alert:

    First bloke: My wife's going to be hospitalis(z)ed

    Second bloke: Oh, when?

    First bloke: Oh, about 9 months. She's only just been fertilis)z)ed.

    See? just doesn't work. Stick to Engrish.

    IT Angle? I'll coatilis(z)e.

  10. Pirate Peter

    let me guess

    let me guess, the tea leafs were after copper cabling due to the scrap value being high at the moment

    ho hum, now have to wait for the signal cabling to be nicked on my local branch line as it was twice last time copper prices were high

    1. Badbob

      @Pirate Peter

      As a Network Rail signalling engineer can I just add that this is the bane of my very existence.

      However it does provide me with some mirth when the halfwits (almost always in a relatively new, metallic painted, unmarked Ford Transit) come out in the dark, armed with a Stihl saw, cut the cable and drag it off into the darkness.

      Then a call comes in from the Signalbox to say some random telecoms assets have dissapeared off the grid. The stupid twits nicked the Fibre Optic cable. Serves 'em right! Should be interesting when they burn the insulation off at the scrap yard and find the whole things melts.

  11. Kubla Cant


    I too used to laugh when Americans used "burglarise", but oddly enough, it seems "burglarise" is more correct.

    The common UK English verb "burgle" is a back-formation based on the incorrect assumption that the "-ar" ending of "burglar" is just a funny way of spelling "-er". The back-formation dates from 1872, so I suppose it's time to accept it.

    The Middle English word was "burgulator", which I think sounds much more impressive. On this basis, the verb should be "burgulate", or perhaps "burgulatorise".

    1. LaeMing

      Daleks stole my internets

      Burglate! Burgulate!

    2. Colin Wright

      Everybody's wrong

      The Americans, the English and the burgulator.

  12. Richard Pennington 1

    Breaking and Entanet?

    I'll get my coat, if it hasn't been stolen...

  13. Les Matthew

    Stolen to order

    I'm assuming that it's fairly specialised kit in exchanges?

    1. Stephen Gray

      @ Stolen to order

      Nah, most likely Huawei kit so not that special at all...

    2. Anonymous Coward

      To Infinity, and beyond!

      If the 'harassment' I've had to suffer from BT pushing their new fibre optic services onto me by phone, letter and email is anything to go by, whilst making absurd claims* about how it will improve my Internet experience, I wouldn't rule them out for wooden-clogging other ISP's kit like common East-End gangster thugs. Albeit in smart blue boiler suits.

      * Great big whoppers of lies told by trained chimpanzees taught to pronounce words they don't actually understand. Not that there's anything wrong with a well taut BT chimpanzee, especially if there's an overhanging branch at the other end of the rope.

      Stay lucky.

      1. RJMB

        a finely honed primate !

        "Not that there's anything wrong with a well taut BT chimpanzee" Have him nicely buffed up and sent to my room !!

  14. Anonymous Coward

    cost of copper is high

    So why don't the telcos replace it with fibre and rip out the copper and sell it off?

    /me wakes

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      BT wanted to in the 80s, run fibre to the home, that is. The milk snatcher stopped them so that cable companies would have a better chance.

      Fibre is rather expensive, mind.

  15. Winkypop Silver badge

    Stepney Green.... check Oil Drum Lane, in Shepherd's Bush, Steptoe and Son might still be at it....

    1. qwertyuiop

      I doubt it

      I'm guessing that you're not really familiar with the geography of London and where Stepney Green (East London) is relative to Shepherd's Bush (West London)?

  16. Sam Liddicott


    An interesting and definitely un-heated conversation here:

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ahh, takes me back...

    'The milk snatcher stopped them so that cable companies would have a better chance.'

    Not heard Saint Magrat mentioned that way for quite a while ! Maybe you would be interested in a ticket to our (hopefully soon) 'Ding Dong the Wicked Witch Is Dead' party ?

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