back to article RIM, Moto tablet ship total to hit 2m in Q1

RIM will be shipping more than a million BlackBerry PlayBook tablets during the firs three months of 2011 as the battle to beat Apple's iPad - or at least grab a chunk of the emerging media slate maket - begins in earnest. Motorola, meanwhile, will be taking receipt of up to 800,000 Xoom tablets, moles from Taiwan's contract …


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  1. RichyS

    Where are all the Galaxy Tabs?

    So, where are all the Galaxy Tabs? I've yet to see one in the wild on the Tube. Lots of Kindles (a big hit at Christmas, I reckon), and a good number of iPads; but not much else.

    1. icanonlyimagine

      Oh... don't spoil all the fun

      We need lots of breathless Fandroid & Rimmer posts first, then it can be pointed out that 'shipping' does not a sale make. Next we could do a word incidence count for 'might' 'could' 'may' etc etc

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