back to article MySpace could be someone else's space soon

MySpace management confirmed yesterday that it is considering selling the ailing website, following the firm’s decision to lay off half of its 1,000-strong workforce earlier this week. “News Corp is assessing a number of possibilities, including a sale, a merger and a spinout,” a spokeswoman at MySpace’s parent company said, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    A staff of 1000 people for the two users it has O_O.

    Well, 500 now, probably the 2nd last user left?

    Fail, because "My_" is just that

    1. Anonymous Coward

      "Fail, because "My_" is just that"

      MyMyMyMyMusic hits me, so hard; makes me say 'oh MyLord'

      Thank you, for blessing me with a mind to rhyme and two hyped feet, it feels good...

  2. whats the point of kenny lynch?

    seriously, who's using this?

    ahh, friends reunited....ahh,, myspace......ahh, facebook....ahh, twitter...ahh, <insert must have online social shite upstart over hyped nonsense here>

  3. Wize

    They let you do anything you wanted to your myspace profile

    which was one of its problems. Embedded sound files and colour schemes to make your eyes burn. Never good.

  4. andy gibson

    Oh the irony

    BBC 6 Music published a promotion yesterday to save it. On Facebook!

  5. Mark Olleson

    3 million sign ups...

    .. but how long did they stay ad how many others gave up on the site entirely?

    Anecdotally, Myspace is the social network where nothing happens.

  6. diehard80

    That didn't take long...

    4 months from complete site re-design re-launch, to layoff's, to selling the company. Hmmm, think this has been the plan for a while? At least the ex Myspacers will have Facebook to turn to:

  7. Peter Thomas 2

    In other news...

    There's three million spambots out there.

  8. magnetik

    3 million

    3 million new users sounds impressive, until you realise that such a figure is possible if just 0.6% of all Facebook users signed up on MySpace out of curiosity about the new design.

    Say what you like about FB but there's a lot of reasons it's been far more successful than any other social networking site. Eight years on they're still growing phenomenally, while the likes of MySpace are going down the toilet.

  9. Don Mitchell

    Thanks God for Mark Zuckerberg

    I keep a wary eye on Facebook, but how frightening to imagine that News Corp might have controlled the social network. We dodged a bullet there.

  10. James Woods

    myspace might as well be ran by the us government

    It sure couldn't be ran any worse.

    Bad decision after bad decision and here we are. News corp has been trying to sell it ever since the wind blew that the buy could of been a bad move.

    Perhaps the political class can rule myspace too big to fail and bail it out.

  11. Barry Lane 1

    Aw, shame

    Am I alone in hoping that News Corp is about to lose gerzillions through their original purchase of MySpace. Sorry for the employees, etc, but anything that stings the Murdoch Mafia is okay in my book.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The economy, bands and venues will suffer

    I see a lot of MySpace bashing going on here, but the reality is if MySpace has it's plug pulled, there will be hundreds of thousands of bands who's official websites disappear. Think it's only bands? Not so, even venues have official websites, so even if the band's tour dates aren't posted, they still would have had the venue posting the tour dates, but many venue's use MySpace as their official website as well. Neither can simply afford domain names, hosting, or full time webmasters. You want to hate or punish Murdoch fine, but the reality is having your site there in the first place does punish his empire. You take down MySpace and the opposite punishment will happen. good luck finding your favorite band when google spits out millions of broken myspace official websites.

    And before you all say run to facebook, You might want to keep in mind the criminal organization Goldman Sac is exploiting it as an investment. They take the money they stole from the American people and invest it in facebook (which I have to say $50 billion is way overrated.)

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