back to article Apple posts dev-only iOS 4.3

Apple posted a pre-release version of iOS 4.3 last night. Almost immediately, juicy snippets from the developer-only download have leaked out. Firstly, and perhaps least surprisingly, the software contains coded references to the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. Apple has so far refreshed its smartphone every year in June, and it …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    the number of apps that use a horizontal swipe to switch pages and would be buggered beyond recognition if that gesture is used for something else, and considering that none of these changes are mentioned in the API diffs or the updated class references, it's possible that this article may not be entirely accurate.

    Likewise for the fact that none of the changes that do appear in the 4.3 diffs are listed here.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Considering THE FACTS

      Yes, there are a lot of apps that use a horizontal swipe to switch pages, but the gesture in question is a horizontal swipe with FOUR fingers. This is a "non standard" swipe gesture in the iOS and as such should only affect a small number of apps that have chosen to do something a bit special in their app.

      So, not really a problem for the large majority.

  2. Nic 3
    Thumb Up

    Gestures I could care less about

    However the Wifi hotspot is interesting. I assume Carriers will have policies for this that tie in with the existing tethering solution.

    I would be interested to see how that impacts iPad 3G sales. I would guess most iPad users are carrying an iPhone. If you can use your iPhone as your Wifi connection then the inbuilt 3G is a little redunant.

    I like the concept of making more use of AirPlay. I already love using the iPad or iPhone with AppleTV for a remote or for streaming. The idea of moving other output such as games to AirPlay is nifty.

    1. Giles Jones Gold badge


      The iPad 3G has full GPS, the WIFI model does not.

      An iPad makes a really good GPS unit as the battery life is good, screen is big and speaker is pretty loud.

      I run Navigon on mine which I only needed to buy once as it runs on both iPad and iPhone.

    2. ThomH Silver badge

      Ah, an American in the house

      *cough* "could care less" isn't idiomatic outside of the US... *cough*

      Regardless of what the article says, I don't think AirPlay is usable for moving any old output around. My understanding is that bandwidth concerns limit it to compressed video. Since the iOS devices don't really have the stuff to perform video compression as well as whatever else they were already doing, that limits it to video that has already been compressed — i.e. anything you'd currently stream over the internet or add yourself via iTunes.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        RE: Ah, an American in the house

        "*cough* "could care less" isn't idiomatic outside of the US... *cough*" doesn't make sense in US English either.

        If you "could care less" then it implies that you DO care. All other countries in the English-speaking world use "couldn't care less", implying that you don't care at all.

        Which is what the original poster was trying to say but faced with a language warped beyond recognition by idiots, the results are not surprising...

        1. Nic 3

          How very dare you sir!

          I'm as English as it gets! Let's consider this a temporary error in my otherwise faultless grammar. I believe I intended to say "couldn't".

          Move along now. Nothing to see here.


          1. Matt Bradley

            Educational video

            Arguably NSFW:


            ... and of course:


        2. ThomH Silver badge


          Idioms don't have to make sense on their own terms. That's why you rarely get "How so?" as a response when describing something as being swings and roundabouts. There's a distinction in that most idioms did make sense in the first place, but most people don't inspect the actual words if they know the meaning. I figured it was worth pointing out for "could care less" because people outside the US don't automatically associate a meaning to that.

          And it turns out it was a typo anyway. Ho hum.

  3. DanJB

    FaceTime for all except for the original user???

    So basically if other iPhone4 users connect to another iPhone4 via wifi sharing they will be able to use facetime over 3g? Yes it uses 2 iPhone4's but hey it's FaceTime over 3g what more could you ask for...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Custom SMS Tones... it so much to ask ?!!

    1. Jason Hall


      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE mr jobsy-wobsy let me have custom sms tones.

      Just think about all that lovely revenue you can make selling people (idiots?) over-priced shitty sms tones...

      [Just re-read the above and it comes over as if I'm taking the piss... I'm not. I want my stupid custom ringtones/sms tones/whatever without having to jailbreak my damn phone]

    2. OrsonX

      custom SMS tone

      I am seriously considering jailbreaking my iPhone as I miss my old message alert tone so much! It is so lame that we can only use the Apple prescribed ones.

    3. mrdalliard

      Re: Custom SMS Tones...

      Garageband. That is all.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    AirPlay - streaming

    Please please please, just reverse it. I want a uPNP iPhone client that *works* with normal uPNP servers. The best I can get is Air Video, which requires a special app running on the server.

    1. banjosteve

      there is a upnp software

      Buy AirPlayer it works like a charm and plays anything you throw at it and it runs fine with my 2 synology NAS drives over uPNP

  6. JeffyPooh

    iPhone hot spot?

    Perfect. My DSL service is only about 1 Mbps, and that relatively slow speed is annoying for various gadgets around the house.

    But we have two iPhone 3GS and 6GB/month data plan *each*, mostly unused.

    Life just gets better and better...

  7. jai

    Hotspot Wi-Fi

    i tried to enable it, but it refered me to O2 'modem' page that tells me i need to add the tethering bolt-on to enable it.

    so while it's awesome, it'll also be expensive at £7.50 per month on top of my monthly contract.

    isn't Three offering free tethering?

    1. BingBong

      @isn't Three offering free tethering?

      Well let's just say that they have not blocked it yet!

      It is neat though. At the mo I can tether using an iphone on 3 but not via a 3G iPad .. so if this means I could tether through an iPad then all the better.

  8. Paolo 1

    Re:Hotspot Wi-Fi requires bolt-on

    I can't understand how they're still allowed to get away with this. Now the iPhone tariffs have capped data limits why the f**k does it matter what device I use to download that amount?

  9. Terry Blay
    Thumb Up

    As for the swipes...

    Multitouch swipe is one of the few truly awesome features of my new macbook, and a real innovation. I'm looking forward to an iPhone featuring this.

  10. Thomas 18

    Notice to developers

    The z key will now start Windows Zune, all application developers should ensure they update their software to nolonger require the use of this key.

  11. Tigra 07

    Big Fail

    "Leaks refer to swiping up to reveal the multi-tasking bar"

    Android better copyright that first before apple.

    You swipe down to get the menu bar on Android and apple will just try to copyright this and sue others who had it first, it's what they always do.

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