back to article Ubuntu's Narwhal rides OpenStack cloud

It's official: the next Ubuntu will straddle clouds, with Natty Narwhal packing both OpenStack and current favorite Eucalyptus. Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has confirmed that Ubuntu 11.04, due in April, will contain APIs that let people fluff their own private clouds built on OpenStack or Eucalyptus. Shuttleworth said in …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Say wut?

    "Mark Shuttleworth has confirmed that Ubuntu 10.04, due in April"

    ""We will have both OpenStack and Eucalyptus based cloud options in Ubuntu 11.04 in April," he said."

    "Now it's just a question of which version of OpenStack will be implemented in Ubuntu 10.04: "

    Current version is 10.10...

    1. ElbowNi

      WTF indeed

      AC, either the story has been edited since your comment or you are losing your mind, there are no longer any references to 10.4.....

      1. Anonymous Coward


        At first I thought I had stumbled onto an old article somehow when I was reading it. That or I had traveled through time back to the Winter of 09/10. It was at the end of a *really* long day at the office so it threw me for a bit of a loop for a minute.

        El Reg must have fixed it - but those quotes were, for the record, copied and pasted from the original article.

  2. Graham Wilson

    WTF - What a waste of time.

    WTF - What a waste of time.

    Shame Mark Shuttleworth doesn't concern himself more with interoperability and compatibility with existing desktops, Windows being the most obvious.

    These matter more to ordinary users (and even IT managements) than Cloud issues.

    No wonder Linux is still a 1%-er.


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