back to article T-Mobile backtracks on retrospective mobe data caps

Having announced a new fair-use limit on existing customers, and facing a huge backlash, T-Mobile has caved and will now only introduce the change for new contracts. Existing customers will keep their existing limits, with for web browsing and media streaming lumped together, while new contracts will only get 500MB of general- …


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  1. Mark Powell


    They were taking the proverbial! I complained, quoting the detriment clause and was told by email reply that it wasn't a detriment as it is considered an 'additional service' They also say that they aren't increasing prices and I'll always be able to browse the internet..and never get charged more than I agreet to.'

    They then go on to tell me that I can buy a booster for £12.77/month if I want to get unlimited internet!!

  2. Cameron Colley

    Now I don't know where I stand.

    As someone with a "SIM Only" rolling contract does this mean that I'm OK until/unless I change my plan or until my next bill?

    1. spencer

      Can't have it both ways

      I imagine your screwed...

    2. thecult

      sadly not good

      Since the contract can change with 30 days notice, looks like you will get this month and next month.

      Then the cap will hit

    3. frank ly

      Re. Monthly Contract

      As I understand it, the rolling monthly contract is automatically renewed by them taking the money from your bank account (or credit card) and you have the right to stop the contract by giving 30 days notice. Similarly, they have the right to stop or change the contract by giving you 30 days notice.

      Do you wish you'd gone with an 18 month lock-in now?

      I'm with Tesco on a £10 monthly rolling SIM only contract, 500 any network minutes and 500 Megabytes; check it out.

      1. Cameron Colley

        Pretty much as I suspected then, if y'all are correct.

        It's not that likely I'll run into problems, from what I can tell of my current usage, but wondered if anyone had checked how us monthly rollers stand.

        As for an 18 month lock-in -- no thanks, my bill is halved for more services and I can jump ship whenever I feel the need.

    4. simon newton

      you will stay on the same

      until you renew - eg change price plan. I just had a call from Tmo retentions about a similar thing. My 18 month contract is over, so im now on month to month. This does not mean that my plan 'renews' every month - it means things stay the same (3gb FUP) until I change my price plan, 'renew', or upgrade my phone (neither of which I have any intention of doing, the G1 has an excellent keyboard for SSHing).Also tmobile have a bit on their website which allows you to get a 20% discount off your monthly bill for signing a new 12 month contract, that is also classed as 'renewing' so the 500mb FUP would apply.

      Easy solution: Call tmobile, say you are leaving and they give you a 20 to 30% discount without the need to sign a new 12 month contract. You stay on the month to month, are not renewing and get a better discount. Great :D

    5. PassiveSmoking

      We've always been at war with Eastasia

      @Cameron Colley: You're screwed if you want to stay with t-mobile. But why would you want to anyway, when Three uses the same cell towers and has better deals anyway? Seriously, check out the deals on, and get your phone unlocked if it's SIMlocked.

      As for the statement that they were never going to cut the cap for existing users, well that's a great bit of doublethink. Orwell would be proud.

  3. Zzx Tty


    I spoke to them yesterday on the phone 3 times, once today. Boy did they try to wriggle out of it. I spoke to consumer direct, who said they would pass on the information to trading standards, and was preparing to follow the appropriate dispute channels. I won't be renewing with them.

  4. Cowardly Animosity

    As I said on the other article,


    1. Anonymous Coward

      Thanks for telling me.

      I can downvote that one as well.

      1. Cowardly Animosity

        title goes here

        What, T-Mobile aren't a joke and backing down in the face of customer fury isn't funny?

    2. Cameron Colley

      Not sure what you find funny in all this?

      A few T-Mobile customers may decide to jump ship and, though it will be a little inconvenient, it won't cost the customers anything -- for everyone else it's business as usual.

      Or are you proud to own another network that's hoping to scrape up the few customers who decide to leave T-Mobile or something?

      Surely this isn't particularly good or bad news for anyone?

  5. NX1977

    data munching

    WWell, from now on I'll be using as much of my 3gb limit as I can each month for the next year.

    That'll teach them!

  6. \\\

    Will let my contract run

    "Following a further review of our policy" my arse! "After consulting our lawyers" more like.

    For a communications company, T-Mobile have an appalling record of communicating changes to their customers.

    I was never told of the 83% cut in my allowance, I found out whilst reading El Reg. Even the date-stamped post on their forum says "As of yesterday, we started notifying customers", which is well into the legal 30 day notification period.

    I'm out of contract in May, but I'll just leave the contract run and go for sim free phones, to keep the allowance. Just like I did with the old Everyday 50 on Orange. If you moan enough, and are out of contract, T-Mobile will always offer you a no commitment £10/month reduction loyalty bonus.

  7. dirk_diggler

    Well Done T-Mobile

    You've succeeded in pissing off your customers AND having to go back on your plans. Truly a fuck up of the highest order.

  8. thecakeis(not)alie

    Virgine Mobile and T-Mobile

    So bad, you'd think they were Canadian Telcos. Well...almost. Not quite, but getting close, apparently...

  9. TheOneAndOnly27

    Proper result

    I phoned T-Mobile this afternoon to advise them they have broken their contract terms and I would be walking away as advised by the Ofcom rules. The person I spoke to was apologetic and informed me even their own staff were having the cap imposed.

    After checking with someone he came back and offered me a poor discount on my monthly account. After I refused and reminded him it was lawful for me to walk away from my contract and read him the Ofcom directive he came back with a revised offer of a discount from my monthly bill.

    This was quite pleasing as I never ever get near to the data cap they were trying to foist on me.

    I accepted the offer and references were exchanged. Then I read they have performed a U Turn and will not be capping data plans of existing customers (mugs).

    I'm hoping he pressed the buttons and I still get my generous data plan with a whopping great discount for my trouble. Fingers crossed.

    T-Mobile you have let Orange influence the way you operate. What a stupid way to handle this situation and to add insult to injury the line in the original notice

    "if you want to download, stream and watch video clips, save that stuff for your home broadband".

    Is the worst notification I have ever read, not only is it rude, it implied that they had some right to tell you what you can and cannot do with a service you have paid them for which had no restrictions.


  10. Nathan 13

    Dont jump ship to 3!!

    In my experience they are the worst company on this planet. God forbid you have a problem with them you will go bald with the stress of attempting to deal with their non-existent customer service.

    I guess if you are already bald you can ignore my warning :)

    1. The Jase


      They changed T's and C's on me twice. The first time I backed down. the second time I argued with them for 45 minutes and kept having to say:

      "Is that what you are saying, hold on, I want to record that as proof"

      They eventually backed down.

      The problem is Three "customer service" is not there to provide customer service. Its there to be an obstacle so you get frustrated and back down.

    2. bexley


      dear god they may have the best network when it works but dear me i would not wish a phone call to their 'customer contact centre' on my worst enemy.

      Just when you think you have seen it all....

      My local transmitter had a problem in November, they are now saying that they will not be repairing it until the 7th April 2011.

      That simple fuck you statement from them took 9 x 20 - 40 minute phone calls and several call backs from people who can barely speak english to come up with.

      bye bye three but who to go to? Oranges 3g network is appalling and just about everybody else seems to be too expensive and have ludicrous caps on 3g usage.

      What is the point in having fast internet to your phone if you cant use it to watch video and stream music? everything else can be done on 2g speeds.

  11. Callum

    "Mobile Broadband plus" plan

    I have the GBP25 / month tmobile "Mobile Broadband plus" plan that was originally designed for the little Huawei USB sticks (u220 and u170). It includes "downloading internet files and skype" and when used in a phone you can do VOIP. it comes with a FUP of 3Gb standard or 10Gb with some sort of booster package.

    I checked with tmob yesterday and they are not changing the terms of this plan. Might be "upgrading" to get the little USB stick thing instead of a new phone.

  12. andy 49

    go home

    I haven't checked yet - have they removed the brilliantly stupid advice that one of the ways to continue one's enjoyment of their mobile internet is to go home and use one's wi-fi and home broadband instead?

  13. ukbabz

    Usual Lies

    I called to get my PAC, as I'm due a renewal soon anyway. Guy on the phone told me that a renewal doesnt constitute a new sale, so the new FUP caps do not apply. Something which stinks of BS to me..

    Does anyone at T-mob know what they are talking about?

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Jokes on you T-Mobile.

    I have a £10 a month contract that now comes with 3GB of data, unlimited texts and 100 minutes a month with a free HTC Wildfire. I have 21 months left to run, and i'm gonna make sure I use every bit of my 3GB allowance now.

    Infact I am in the process of finishing my Android app called TMob-FuckU. You put your billing date in and it downloads 3GB of data over the month and simply throws it away, HaHa.. Jokes on you.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down

      How old are you?

      Wouldn't like to be one of your neighbours, if everyone one did this you'd all still be paying and the only people losing out would be the users, jokes on you ... Times change and with the advent of data hungry smartphones a cap was inevitable.

  15. Alan Brown Silver badge

    So much for upgrading....

    I WAS going to buy a new phone via Tmobile.

    Emphasis on WAS

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