back to article ESA hits scientists with hefty Planck

The European Space Agency has released the first scientific results from its Planck microwave observatory, representing "thousands of very cold, individual sources which the scientific community is now free to explore". Among the goodies on offer is "evidence for an otherwise invisible population of galaxies shrouded in dust …


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  1. mhenriday

    Kudos to ESA for this achievement !

    Imagine what mankind could accomplish if the major part of the resources we devoted to scientific and engineering research went to projects like the Plank observatory, the Hubble telescope, the LHC, etc, etc, rather than to F-22s, F-35s or, for that matter, J-20s or Su-35s or PAK FA/T-50s ! Alas, while our urge to penetrate the mysteries of out universe is strong, our urge to penetrate and destroy each other seems even stronger....


  2. rick buck

    1000's of very cold individual sources...

    No need to look to space, I can find very cold individuals at the local, the market, or just driving around.

    And if I Craved contact with very cold individual sources, I'd just buy an airline ticket...

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