back to article What's in your datacentre?

At the fifty-thousand foot level, a datacentre is nothing more than a box in which IT assets are stored. While it gets more complicated, if you want a quick overview of what's in a datacentre, this is the place to look. Broadly speaking, the job of the IT equipment in a datacentre is to accept incoming data, such as a request …


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  1. Tony S


    Was there some specific reason why this article was published? It seems a bit like it was taken from the "Ladybird book of datacentres".

    Normally, I would expect an article to lead on to something, such as analysis of usage etc. All there is is a fairly basic description of what I expect most readers of this site would already know.

    1. Ian 14

      @Tony S

      Indeed, I had already thought of the "Ladybird book" comparison myself before I read your post.

      As a long time user of Data Centres I can say it omits 4 things that are at the top of my list in selecting the same (in no particular order):

      1. Availability of power

      2. Continuity of power.

      3. Security

      4. Access to carriers (i.e. Fibre providers, telcos, etc.)

      In defense of the author, I've known him for over 20 years and this is very sub-par for him. I can only assume it was written hurriedly the morning after an evening press event held by one of the the PR companies know to be more liberal with the bottle, or after an evening out with Steve Shipside - a event we used to describe as being "Shipwrecked".

      There was once an afternoon where Manek and Steve came back to the office very late from a lunch with...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I'm not so sure..

      I may well forward a link to this article to a few of my managers..

  2. maclovinz


    ....did not see that coming.

  3. Yag


    My poor english is even worse than I think, as I can't grasp the meaning of this sentence :

    "So a blade server that might be hosting a website slots inside a manufacturer's chassis, which is not interchangeable with other makers' chassis."

  4. Kay Burley ate my hamster

    A very good start

    This is a great start, articles like this need to be written since this stuff isn't taught to the PFY's out there until they hit the industry.

    1. W.Hower
      Thumb Up

      me too

      ...very helpful. It's something far too many take for granted as they charge around our DC ordering all kinds of kit that, rightly or wrongly, ends up in my DC. I'll be steering my division at it.

  5. Andrew Dodd

    ahhh thank you

    I always wondered what a data centre was... now I can sleep better at night

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