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Hard on the heels of Samsung's Galaxy Tab comes the S7 from Chinese manufacturer Huawei, an Android tablet that aims to tread the line between the pricey Galaxy and the wretched crop of £99 devices that you can find on the shelves of Netto and Asda. Huawei S7 Huawei's S7: handsome The S7 is certainly a solid and handsome …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Someone want to let them know

    that Dolphin HD IS the standard Android browser... In the same way that most other browsers on Android are just Webkit skins over the built in OS Webkit engine.

    Only Opera offers a truely independant rendering backend. And it's coming with a Tablet-friendly 10.5 Flash enabled version very soon...

  2. uhuznaa

    £280 and a resistive touch screen?

    Thanks, no.

    1. MarkOne


      If this has a capacitive touchscreen i would have bought one, but otherwise no.

  3. Gordon 10 Silver badge

    Advent Vega review asap please

    £30 cheaper than this thing and with a 10.1" Capacitive screen. Ok so 3g is missing but it looks like a much better bet than this. If only there was a 7" Vega I would have leapt at it.

  4. Miffo

    Prefer the Archos 70

    Think I'd prefer an Archos 70 with Android 2.2. 300 grammes for the 8Gb version or 400g for the 250Mb hard drive version - still lighter than this hefty creature! No 3G but you can tether via blue-tooth to your smart phone which is better for me anyway. Faster processor in the Archos and 3d accelerator too. And cheaper!

  5. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

    Do... not... want...


  6. Anonymous Coward


    Just noticed that Expansys has dropped the price to £230

  7. druck Silver badge
    Thumb Down


    I can't see the point of a 7" tablet which has the same resolution as a phone, unless you have poor eyesight and require larger text. Without additional pixels to enable you to get more information on screen, why not get one of any number of Andriod phones subsidised by the networks?

  8. Alex Walsh


    a capacitive version in the pipeline from what I was reading on recently.

  9. Arctic fox

    Price segment

    Your marking should, partly at any rate, reflect what can be expected within the price segment concerned. I would argue that this piece of kit deserves better than 70% _within its price segment_. Otherwise a most informative and fair review.

  10. Stuart Halliday
    Thumb Up


    You can put Apps on to SD as my Android 2.1 supports APPS2SD. You're out of date...

  11. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    Same size/resolution as Samsung Q1 Tablet PC

    Which is the PC on which I'm writing this, with Fitaly on-screen keyboard. The Q1 isn't a machine for 2011, however - although they might sell you the later model...

    I thought the Galaxy Tab was dropped to £400. But this baby is still vastly cheaper.

    On the other hand, the last computer I bought from Expansys didn't know what a £ was. A good bargain however, until I dropped it really really hard. But aren't they a sort of remainder bin, in some respects? And with Android you're more likely to be stuck with what you're given, even without that consideration?

  12. Peter Bond


    "You can put Apps on to SD as my Android 2.1 supports APPS2SD"

    but surely only if the device has been rooted?

  13. Jason Chapman

    Galaxy tab

    Gt currently 399 from thecarphone warehouse for 32gb one.

  14. Sandy Ritchie


    What a load of garbage, why would anyone buy this?

    I posted this message from my HSDPA linked (t-mobile 6 months internet for £20 sim) Sammy Tab, £399 from PC World, not £549 like the ipad 3g!

    Sammy Tab is a great Android device, as an ios user i picked the Tab over the ipad because of the size, connectivity and cost!

  15. Anonymous Coward

    errr...cos it's cheaper!

    "What a load of garbage, why would anyone buy this?"

    well, I suspect because it's £177.50 cheaper as off 11.30am on January 10th! No it's not as good as the Galaxy Tab but the review makes that clear.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    galaxy tab much cheaper than that!

    £530 ?? where have you been shopping?

    the usual price is 449 - but if you look around you can easily get it for under 400 quid (with

    no ties or any wierdness)

  17. Sandy Ritchie

    errr...cos it's cheaper!

    So thats your sole justification... cost?

    Who'd have thought it lesser functionality for less cost!

    How about £125 for a TV licence, a jotter and a marker pen... you've got similar functionality, and reduced portability for less money!

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Huawei tablet cameras

    The writer has fallen into the same trap that so many others do....a "front-mounted" camera is not the same as a "front-facing" . Any normal camera is front-facing as that is the way we normally point a camera when taking pictures of things in front of us. However if you want to make video calls then you need a rear-facing camera which looks towards the holder of the device, this would be on the front of the device so is called "front-mounted" but quite obviously it does not face towards the front.....SIMPLES!

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