back to article Hoxton social media types hit by Silicon Roundabout power cut

Web 2.0 consultants and SEO specialists residing in the increasingly crowded hub of London's social media universe were left without electricity in Hoxton yesterday. The outage was the second power cut to have hit residents who occupy offices near the so-called Silicon Roundabout, which is serviced by the area's new leccy …


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  1. fixit_f
    Thumb Up


    Wanker Nathan Barley types like that don't deserve electricity.

    1. NotNathanBarley

      Nathan Barley Types

      You are right - they don't. But it's also taken out the lights at the nearby junction with Great Eastern Street so innocents like me are liable to get run over trying to negotiate the traffic whilst being distracted laughing at the Shoreditch twats!

    2. Ball boy

      <none required>

      Ummm....hate to be the pedant here but most types of wanking don't /require/ electricity.

      Perhaps you meant: Wanker Nathan Barley types like that require large doeses of electricity. Ideally, delivered via damp sponges.

      okay, okay..I'm leaving...

      (who's this Barley character anyway?)

  2. bigolslabomeat

    "UK" Power Networks

    UKPN aren't actually a new company, just a slight renaming of some of EDF's old haunts. Their website is just EDF's with a new logo and some photoshopped logos on the vans. God knows why they've made this change, could it be to remove the French connection?

    Anyway, UKPN are just as bad as EDF were, we've had 10 powercuts in 12 months, so I don't hold out much hope for these people getting their supplies back any time soon.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This is like SO totally unique. I think we should totally brainstorm a new paradigm for this.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I'll schedule it on my iPhone

      then fail to turn up when the internal calendar gets confused by the normal passage of time and doesn't remind me.

  4. LinkOfHyrule
    Paris Hilton

    Silicon Roundabout

    Silicon Roundabout - sounds like the nickname of a glamour model to me!

    1. Jess--

      Glamour model wouldn't have a silicon roundabout

      silicon speed bumps would probable be more accurate

  5. Caoilte

    depressingly negative provincialism

    We should be celebrating the ability of these companies to attract VC and even generate profits.

    Where there are independently wealthy trust fund kiddies dabbling in trendy nonsense, they deserve to be skewered but there are far more of those types draining oxygen out of the talent pool through internships all across the city.

    Name dropping Nathan Barley is a tired cliche that was already pretty old when the tv series came out five years ago.

    1. Cazzo Enorme


      "We should be celebrating the ability of these companies to attract VC and even generate profits."

      Most of them only generate a profit because stupid managers insist on commissioning SEO studies every couple of months. The manager's techies then waste weeks on implementing half-baked recommendations from the studies, thereby losing valuable development time. This loss of development time causes the managers to panic, and commission more SEO studies in the vain hope that they can improve site traffic - when they actually need new features and content to keep visitors on the site.

      Plus too many of these Hoxtonite SEO types suggest ways to get a site up Google's ranking, without considering whether the search finds relevant results. When the user clicks through to find they've been had, they then bugger off ...

      Conclusion: more power outages in the Hoxton area can only improve productivity for the rest of us.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Using "generators" for electricity?

    ".. currently connected to generators as their main source of power.."

    I wonder how they get their power when generators are not in use then... Oh, hang on.

  7. AlistairJ

    Wasp icon needed

    As a self-enabling media node, Nathan does not rely on wired power networks.

    For a nostalgic laugh, check out his web site trashbat dot co dot ck

  8. Wize

    Eggs - one basket

    Must be cheaper to get server space outside the big smoke.

  9. resudaed
    Paris Hilton

    Glamour model wouldn't have a silicon roundabout

    Or would that be speed humps?

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