back to article Renault fingers three for spying

French car giant Renault has suspended three senior executives for alleged industrial espionage offences. The company said that the three had been suspended without pay for ethical issues following an investigation. Anonymous sources told Reuters: "It involves people who were caught red-handed for industrial espionage. It's a …


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  1. smudge
    Paris Hilton

    Spying on Renault??

    And especially - given Renault's appalling reputation for electrical faults - spying on their electric car division?

    Would have been better to let it continue as a deliberate feed of damaging information.

    Paris cos it's France.

    1. Captain DaFt
      Thumb Up

      It makes sense...

      Find out how they're doing it, and don't do it that way!

      (You can learn a lot from other peoples mistakes!)

  2. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Renault had electric secrets?

    The only "secret" Renault has around vehicle electrics seems to be how to make a car completely unreliable. And it's hardly a secret - Citroen and Peugeot have been doing the same for years! As I understand it, all the real development (including the electric car work) is actually being done by Nissan in Japan.

    1. Grease Monkey Silver badge


      But don't Renault own a big chunk of Nissan?

  3. Steve Evans


    I thought the only design secret Renault had was to make things out of cheap plastic, and that includes the wiring loom.

    1. Peter Storm


      their camshafts from the cheapest softest shittiest metal they can find.

      (has had a bad Renault experience)

      1. Steve Evans


        wet cylinder liners which are only held in the block by a wing and a prayer (has known friends with bad Renault experience!).

        1. Ben Tasker Silver badge


          Oh Fuck it, shall I just post the Haynes Manual? It'll be quicker!!!!

          Their turbo's aint much cop either

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    30 strong management committee?

    Forsooth sah!

    Should that not be: 30 weak management committee?

    I'd guess it takes a department just to keep the MC informed of even the most minor details.

  5. takuhii

    Renault, electircal division??

    Maybe they were trying to damage the competition. Renault have the WORST electrics on any car I have ever driven

  6. GuyC


    you've obviously never owned an Alfa Romeo then

    1. Steve Evans

      Re: @Takuhii

      On Italian car's that's just part of the character and forgiven for the rare moments the vehicle actually does go brmmmm.

  7. Big Al

    Espionage? Really?

    Hard to believe that six 'senior' people were all on the take from the competition...

    How sure are we that these weren't just some enthusiastic and/or idealistic bunny-huggers keen to tell friends in the industry how well things were going?

    Leaking, rather than spying, in other words.

    Terminator icon because obviously electric cars are just the next step to robots taking over the world.

  8. MinionZero

    Senior executive industrial espionage

    I doubt its industrial espionage of the vehicles electrical systems. Its far more likely industrial espionage of marketing plans etc... Plus the electrical systems to create an electric car are hardly rocket science, so not much to take).

    Its far more likely marketing information, such as when and for how much products will be released and into what markets and with what feature sets and via which distributors who are being signed up in which territories etc... That sort of thing. As that's very valuable info to competitors, as they can then work to undercut the company. Which is the way senior executives think about business, i.e. finding ways to control people, as in finding ways to influence and undermine competitors businesses, to gain a bigger area of control over part of the market.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Senior Exec - Technical Knowledge???

      Very unlikely to have leaked anything technical, because senior execs got where they are today by ignoring anything technical other than buzzwords. Most were bean-counters / sales or technical-pretenders that have been promoted into something more "managerial".

  9. Anonymous Coward


    Its not the extra electrical toys that are the problem, its the fact that their cars leak!

    its water getting in and corroding and shorting the unsealed looms and PCB's.

    A bit of conformal coating and some decent weatherproofing on the exposed sections of the looms would fix most problems.

    The only secret that should get out is how they get away with charging soo much for spare parts for cars that are less than 10 years old!

    and dont even get me onto the Anti-EU Regulation, Anti-Competative, Closed practices regarding CLIP diagnostics on all the OBDC-II / CAM-BUS fitted cars

    if we Renault drivers want to PIMP our cars up, we should be able to!

    along with being able to fix our cars without being forced to flush money down the drain on OverPriced Renault Dealership Clip diagnostics checks after which the mechanics still cant fix most faults first time without replacing almost all the wiring and electronics modules.

    (which must be supplied direct only by renault and not from spares from scrapped cars).

  10. rjmx

    Bad car electrics?

    Do I *have* to mention Lucas "electrics"?

    1. Mike Flugennock

      Reminds me of a great old joke...

      ...I was told by an old bud of mine who did all of his own mechnical work -- mostly on VW Beetles, Karmann Ghias and Rabbits, but also the occasional GT6 -- about the electrical systems on British cars:

      Q: Why do the British drink their beer warm? A: Lucas Refrigerators!

      Said old bud also frequently referred to Lucas as "Lucas, Prince Of Darkness".

    2. kain preacher

      Lucas made elctronics ??

      I thought the made self exploding devices . I thought on mission impossible the tapes burned up because it was a lucas tape drive.

  11. Ross 7

    'leccy cars

    "Renault is betting on all-electric cars" - a bit of spying would appear to be the very least of their worries....

  12. Des
    Thumb Down

    Spying on Renault?


    As a previous Renault owner I will never touch another Renault in my life; we had an 3.0 V6 dCi Espace from new and it lasted less than 50,000 miles. After sending the car in for a minor water leak we got an initial estimate back for £2,500. This went up to first £6,000 and then £11,500 as Renault UK got involved. As the car was 5 years old and not worth that we were obviously not prepared to pay; my wife complained and argued with Renault over the costs. Renault ended up paying us to go away, and we switched to another brand.

  13. Tempest

    Too impatient ...

    They could have simply bought a car, next model year.

  14. Glenn Charles

    leaking secrets

    Prolly a loose hotwire...


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