back to article Qualcomm gobbles Atheros, arms self for coming tablet wars

Wireless telecommunications chip giant Qualcomm is spending $3.1bn to buy partner Atheros Communications, betting big on the future of Wi-Fi wireless communications. Qualcomm is one of the darlings of the dot-com boom that kept right on booming as people all over the world cut their phone lines and moved to wireless phones. …


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  1. Neil 7
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    Homeplug too

    Atheros acquired Intellon in late 2009 so have quite a bit of Homeplug/Powerline network technology and IP at their disposal, so I'd expect to see that merged with existing Qualcomm/Atheros networking kit too.

    The latest Atheros/Intellon Homeplug AR7400 chipset (formely INT7400) has bandwidth of 500Mbps which should see about 140Mbps of actual TCP/IP throughput over mains wiring, leaving WiFi around the home mainly for the mobile devices (assuming the WiFi signal isn't drowned out by your neighbours).

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