back to article Samsung shows off tablet-cum-netbook convertible

Can't decide whether you want a small notebook or a tablet? Samsung's latest lets you have both. The rather sexy TX100, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) today is a 10.1in, 1366 x 768 LCD tablet with a built in physical keyboard too. The 80-key deck slides down and forward, turning touchscreen tablet into a …


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  1. bolccg

    I hope I'm not alone... liking this trend. May turn out to be an ergonomic deadend but the best bits of touch sensitive panel from a tablet and a keyboard from, well, just about every successful computing device ever has me salivating. Now they just have to get the price down.

  2. Quxy

    It's gonna need that keyboard...

    ...If it ships with W7. Windows still has a long way to go before it'll be usable as a tablet OS.

    Nice looking package, though!

  3. Rupert Stubbs

    Not as well laid out as the Asus, I'd say...

    Having the screen set so far back when the keyboard is exposed is going to make it pretty unbalanced - anything but the lightest of touches on the screen and it will topple backwards (assuming the keyboard base isn't incredibly heavy).

    The Asus chucks the touchpad (for obvious reasons) so that the screen is much more centred, which makes much more sense.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    mac book air alternative

    I have a 13inch mac book air purely for the weight.

    This looked like a possible alternative to upgrading to the newer one this year, but with an Atom chip and windows 7 I'm not going to bother. If it had been the ARM n Android mix i would be seriously thinking about it but another good looking underpowered machines with windows is just a waste of everyone's time.

  5. Code Monkey

    Pretty, but...

    "plus a proprietary port into which you can hook a selection of USB and HDMI adaptors"

    These are portable machines. Their poor users shouldn't have to schlep adaptors around just to use USB peripherals.

    Manufacturers, why do you do this? CEO's son just finished his undergraduate engineering project?

    USB ain't broke!

  6. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

    That looks really slick

    if the price is right, I might just want to get one.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Looks shiny enough

    ...but if that's as high as the screen goes, anyone using it for any length of time is in for neck problems, I reckon.

  8. Pat 11


    The reason tablets didn't take off last time is that they were running a dog of an OS (Windows tablet edition). The reason they are now taking off is IOS and Android. Windows can go wrong in so many billion ways that it's not suited to the casual sofa user.

    The smart thing to do would be force it to Android mode when the keyboard is stowed, but switch to Windows when it's time to do some work. Shared storage for user content.

    1. Anton Ivanov
      Gates Horns

      In other news Balmer is having kittens, white and cuddly ones

      And you think that Microsoft will allow that?

      Let me look through the window... It wet, gloomy and only the casual Mom's taxi parked along the street. I definitely do not see Mr Lucifer taking the snowplough out of the garage and driving it to work.

      Windows? Shared storage? Transition from Windows to Android at the slide of the screen panel? Yeah... right... Where did that OEM agreement go. Your Windows license fee just went up by a factor of 4 times. Have a nice day.

    2. hplasm
      Gates Horns

      Seeing as most ant-anti Windows rants-

      Usually seem to start "- I'd happily use OSX/Linux/Other, but as a Gamer I..." (need Windows XP) Then the last part about booting into Windows 'to do some work' seems a bit arse-backwards. Especially on a tablet.

    3. Beritknight

      Change O/S on slide?

      So when I'm leaning back on the couch reading a Reg article and then I see a comment that I just have to reply to, what happens when I put the tablet on the coffee table and slide the screen up so I can type properly? Does it flick back into Windows 7, where I can't access the web browser I was running under Android, meaning I need to fire up Chrome on W7 and browse back to the same page? Seems painful.

      I see the change of orientation as something you do after you start a task and decide you'd be more comfortable reading the document you have open if you were on the couch or whatever. It should be an organic, quick thing that happens when you decide to change the way you're working. It shouldn't mean stopping and thinking before you open a browser or document "where am I planning on working on this, and should I close the keyboard *before* I start?". One operating system is the correct number here methinks.

  9. Paul 117

    Nothing to see here

    This is nothing new. HP have had a line of convertible notebook/tablets for a couple years now, and Dell released a range late last year.

    I'm using the HP Touchsmart TM2, bought in March last year, running Win7 64-bit. It's got a Wacom digitizer for pen input and inking and handwriting recognition out-of-the-box is spot-on.

  10. K

    RE: Nothing to see here

    You are comparing chalk and cheese, there is absolutely no comparison.

    This thing is a sleek, ultra portable table with a keyboard for occasionally use.. awesome for media browsing and watching movies, ME IT WANT NOW! (stomping my feet)

  11. Storm Cloud


    It looks pretty cool but I'd have to see it in the flesh because I agree with a previous comment, the screen looks like it's at far too shallow an angle to make for comfortable viewing.

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