back to article Win 7 Mobile app marketplace DRM cracked

Security flaws in the newly-established Windows Phone 7 marketplace have led to the creation of a mechanism to strip away copy-sharing (DRM) controls. Weaknesses in Microsoft's DRM for Windows Phone 7 allowed a white-hat hacker to create a proof-of-concept demo illustrating how it was possible to take an application from the …


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  1. Kobus Botes

    Cloud, anyone?

    And Microsoft seriously want people to move to their cloud? Whilst they cannot even get basic security right - after all these years?

    Think again.

    1. Giles Jones Gold badge


      Perhaps they didn't want to make it too foolproof and get people to buy the phone?

      After all, vast numbers of people want pirate software on their phones. The so called "freedom" to do what they want with their phone, be it illegal.

  2. g e

    Quel surprise

    Weak security and/or code from MS

    Zut alors!

  3. Tom 35

    Not a surprise

    Just like iThing, DVD, Bluray... it's going to happen.

    If there is any surprise it's that some one bothered to work on it with the number of phones being (not) sold. Someone just wanted to give MS a kick I guess.

    MS will lock it up again, and someone will break it again... repeat...

  4. Gabor Laszlo


    Should be Windows Mobile 7...

This topic is closed for new posts.