back to article Germans pick Xeon over Power for three-petaflops super

The Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE), which is upgrading its pan-European supercomputing facilities across a number of large HPC labs, has announced that it has commissioned IBM to build a 3-petaflops massively parallel super using the company's iDataPlex blade-rack hybrid machines and the next-generation of …


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  1. Anton Ivanov
    Thumb Up

    Liquid Cooled by the look of it

    Time for IT staff to start looking at plumbing certifications by the look of it. First all the talk about overclocking for financial markets, now this...

    Me coat, the one with the small gas torch, pipe cutter and solder in the pockets.

  2. Alborne

    Bull : not one but two!

    There is apparently a confusion between Tera 100 and CURIE. These are two different petaflopic supercompters designed and built by Bull.

    Tera 100 features 140 00 Intel Xeon "Nehalem EX" processors and delivers a peak performance of 1.25 pflops, and a linpack performance of 1.05. It's today operational and used for rechearch in Defense / nuclear applications.

    CURIE has a peak performance of 1.6 pflops. It will features 90 000 cores of Sand Bridge Xeon processors. It will operational in 2011 and used for civil research in the framework of PRACE consortium.

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