back to article MySpace employees face uncertain 2011

Beleaguered News Corp web property MySpace reportedly looks set to plan significant lay-offs in the New Year. But given the recent comments coming from the company's own COO Chase Carey, who in November this year admitted “We’ve been clear that MySpace has been a problem,” it's hardly surprising that rumours about potential …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Myspace sync

    They should develop and push this.

    If they get it so it syncs to all of facebook sensibly and other social networks (and allows backup to hard drive too), it would act like a gateway, people just needing their favorite network plus myspace and are kept in contact.

    They can also point out the recent disabling of accounts.

  2. Charles Augustus Milverton

    If only

    If only Myspace was not laden down with so much flash and CPU pummeling crap it might get a few more subscribers.

    Hell, if they just had plain texts adverts, and I had more control of what appears on "my space" I might even consider paying a small, very small, annual subscription for it.

  3. Richard 33

    1100 workers doing what exactly?

    Maybe to write creative error messages when the web servers break (seemingly all the time)? To recommend the really terrible colour combinations to users? Inquiring minds want to know ...

  4. syntax_error

    Start to pack up

    Start to pack up your things guys. Because facebook is going and going big. They got it the right way. They just need to have to set up a search engine.

  5. Giles Jones Gold badge

    So damn slow

    Just logging in and viewing your profile takes a good 5 seconds. It just feels clunky and cluttered.

    Although changes to Facebook tend to meet with objections, it is at least fast and easy on the eye.

  6. Trev 2

    Agree with Richard

    Got to agree with Richard when he questions what the 1100 people actually do? Can't be 2 tech bods and 1098 telesales like a lot of companies.

    Also wonder how they saved money by giving the employees an extra week off? They using that much electricity for lighting and such?

  7. Russ Tarbox

    What are all the staff doing?

    1,100 people, MySpace doesn't appear to have changed since the last time I looked at it. What are they all doing?

  8. Antipodean

    Dud Investment

    'Twas a dud investment, rather like Super League. How the heck anyone could make a profit from a bunch of pages of teenagers fapping off to themselves, C-grade bands self-promoting and adult actresses marketing is quite beyond me. Besides, one needs a quad core machine with incredibly powerful GPUs to even load some of the pages.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    re: Dud Investment

    "Twas a dud investment... How the heck anyone could make a profit from a bunch of pages of teenagers fapping off to themselves,"

    Someone should mention these cold hard facts of economic reality to Zuckerberg's investors...?

    "Facebook valued at $50bn after cash injection" etc

  10. James Woods

    they just keep making it worse

    i've been pleading with friends to keep their myspace accounts open since I refuse to use facebook.

    however myspace just keeps getting worse and worse and harder to even look at.

    someone better do something because as im approaching 30 I need a method of staying in content with those born in the mid 90's.

  11. BomBom

    Spaced out

    Just delete the bleedin' thing.

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