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Following a period in the doldrums, Motorola has certainly turned a page coming up with a series of well-specified Android smartphones and its own innovative social networking tools. The Milestone 2 is not to be confused with the second Milestone phone, the Milestone XT720 – no, you're right, it is confusing. Featuring a slide- …


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  1. Lottie
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    A new Motorolla that's more than just halfway decent? Wow!

    1. Giles Jones Gold badge


      That is if you think 8GB of storage is still good.

      16GB is the minimum these days.

  2. Jon Bright

    Motorola extremely poor at software updates

    I own the first Milestone. Motorola are by far the worst of the handset makers when it comes to software updates. Android 2.1 arrived horribly late. Android 2.2 isn't there yet. (We're promised it "from the end of the year", but I'll believe it when I see it.) I sincerely doubt we'll ever see 2.3 or newer.

    But manufacturers don't have to support a handset with updates forever and most don't, right? For almost all other Android handsets, if you want to get the latest and greatest Android version without the aid of the manufacturer, you have a multitude of alternative sources - you go and grab a third-party firmware, install it and you're done. Motorola have locked the Milestone down so that this isn't possible. Efforts to crack their lockdown have thus far been unsuccessful.

    People have complained loudly and repeatedly to Motorola about this. Motorola either can't understand or refuses to try.

    I won't be buying Motorola again until this policy changes. I could provide a small list of software and hardware issues with the original Milestone, but the fact that I'm now two (soon three) Android versions behind, on a handset that's just over a year old, is enough to tell me that I don't wish to give Motorola 400+EUR again any time soon.

    1. Daniel Voyce

      @Jon Bright

      I have the original milestone and got sick of waiting for the 2.2 update so installed Cyanogenmod on it and its like having a new phone. Google it - it was pretty painless to do!

      Also do we know if they have locked the bootloader on this new milestone? If so it will be a deal breaker for me im afraid.

    2. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

      Say no to unrootable phones.

      If this phone truly is unrootable (or effectively thus, say if it restores any changes made by the enduser on reboot).

  3. PaulR79
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    Same as the Milestone?

    Is this as locked down as the originaly Motorola Milestone? I'm sitting here 29th December with that phone and after months of waiting for a promised Q4 2010 initial roll-out of FroYo it got to around 22nd December and Motorola announced that it would now be Q1 2011, at least four or five months after the identical (bar the radio) Motorola Droid. That experience alone has put me off Motorola phones for life. It's a shame because the phone itself is very solid and with a processor clocked at 550MHz that can easily manage 1.33GHz yet due to a locked bootloader the only real software upgrades available will have to rely on Motorola.

  4. Swarthy


    That looks, and specs exactly like the Droid 2. Is this just the Euro Version, or has Moto decided to re-badge the phone to hit up early adopters and phone flashers?

  5. D. M
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    No thanks

    Anything that adds too much crapware is a "fail" for me.

    Unless you can easily remove all those added crap and always keep up-to-date as google's own phone, it is no good.

    It's not I trust google, it is all about I trust those phone makers even less.

    1. Giles Jones Gold badge


      Welcome to Android, "crapware" or OEM front ends are the norm.

      Android OEMs are all on the take, they take the software but give sod all back to Google in terms of code and GUI work. Question is why are they so selfish?

  6. Barry Rueger

    Charm experience

    I used to love Motorola phones because they seemed rock solid and durable. That has changed since acquiring a Moto Charm this fall. I actually like the phone, but it has SERIOUS issues.

    Like the Milestone above it can barely last one day on a charge. Worse though is its habit of randomly crashing, shutting down entirely, or losing track of it's SIM card and requiring you to log into Motoblur before it will work again. At least one of these happens every day.

    And what, exactly, IS Motoblur? I have yet to find anyone who can tell me what it offers that isn't already well done by Android itself. (Especially with Opera Mini, which rocks!)

  7. Nate91
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    Nice phone

    i might consider one of these they look pretty good

    1. Thomas 4

      I dunno

      I have one of the original Milestones and after about 9 months of use the keyboard is in very bad shape. If the keyboard on the M2 is the same I'd give it a miss.

  8. Jim Coleman
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    Yay a phone! That doesn't have the latest version of Android! And from a manufacturer with a track record of not giving you the latest version! And....and....Android's UI is so great they replaced it with one of their own! Sorry did someone say "fragmentation"?

    The phrase "Lipstick on a pig" comes to mind, like it did for WM6.5.

  9. Anonymous Coward


    when's the Reg going to review the Defy? Has a more than decent spec and T-Mobile is punting it at £25pcm for 18 months. Looks like like the best combo of spec (3.7" screen, 1.5GB storage, semi-rugged) and price on contract. Currently split between getting a Defy on contract or an Orange San Fran. on PAYG

  10. Spanners Silver badge

    No radio?

    Why on earth would I want one?

    If I am in the car, the only reason I can think of to turn on the radio is to listen to the news. At home, there is the internet or TV. If I am elsewhere, the phone has a web browser and a very nice app that gets the news straight off the BBC website (probably XML).

    I am not aware of anything else I would want with a radio. The BBC provides some nice recordings of programmes on podcast feeds. I imagine other stations might as well but I am happy with what I have.

    1. Giles Jones Gold badge


      I guess you've never been at work when a major sporting event is on?

      While not everyone does there will be someone who wants to follow the sport.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    @software updates: I'd rather eat my own faeces...

    Than ever buy a Motorola product again.

    The company whose CEO lied when he stated at CES that the Dext would be getting 2.1, the company who confirmed this statement with a Failbook update, and whose "support" forum lied repeatedly about this until Motorola finally went public and admitted that the Dext would be stuck on 1.5.

  12. Anonymous Coward


    if you don't like MotoBlur replace it with LauncherPro or GoLauncher or ADWLauncherEX...or wait until SPB's 5.0 Android front end comes out of private beta in the not too distant (the beta is fantastic btw).

    "running the maximum seven functions at once." - is that actually true? It's news to me and I can't find any corroboration for the statement.

  13. StLouis
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    Droid2 phones and Exchange

    * Submitted at


    I am sick of the Droid 2 advertising. I am a Exchange admin version 2003 and the Droids do not sync well with Microsoft Exchange. If they sync at all, it can take hours. The notes fields never sync correctly after the initial sync, so if you put notes in your contacts forget it. Our provider (Verizon) said that these phones would work with Exchange, but after months of trying they don't and refer us to Motorola, which says to use a program called "TouchDown" This program cost $29.00 US but if complain they will give it to you for free.

  14. leona 2

    Took long enough

    Hum, this phone has been out since September and 'The Reg' has only just reviewed it, been on holiday guys?

    This is certainly a phone I have placed on my list, depends upon which carrier is willing to supply it, £410 is a lot of money for such a device though, so that would rule me out of buying it sim free :(

  15. squelch41

    Thought about buying one until I saw moto's update record

    Was on the verge of buying one of these after I saw the poor keyboard hinge of HTC Desire Z. Having researched moto's update record on the original milestone will sadly be avoiding.

    HTC do take a while to get round to their updates but at least you can custom rom.

    For the moment, will be holding on to my old touch pro until a decent android keyboard phone appears :(

    1. Leona A

      Yes I agree with that,

      I wonder if we will get the HTC EVO Shift 4G over here?

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