back to article Nortel patent sale fuels uncertainty over LTE intellectual property

Apple, Nokia and Google are all expected to bid for Nortel’s huge patents hoard. The winner could help decide the licensing structures for LTE. LTE deployments and trials may be stacking up, but one significant aspect remains fraught with uncertainty – the patent position. In previous generations of mobile technology, …


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  1. Anton Ivanov

    Some patents are more equal than the others

    The basic problem with LTE is that noone yet knows how valuable each of its bits will be. One can run all of the LTE core with a non-LTE access layer as well as the LTE access layer without any of the VAS tail and a long list of permutations in-between. To make it all even more confusing it may be possible for standard devices to work perfectly fine on a network that does not comply to the standard for its own services and vice versa. C'est la vie - this is the price you pay for "requisitioning" IPv6 as your primary transport layer.

    That is what is different from "mobile as we known it". It is the main reason why IPR in LTE is not settled and this is not likely to change until the market decides on the success (or failure) of the service tail, 3GPP prescribed core network design and a few other bits and pieces.

    That is likely to be a very protracted and painful affair with lots of "patents at dawn" in the process.

  2. Mike Shepherd
    Thumb Down

    Time was...

    I remember when advances in technology meant clever innovation and imagination. What an exciting time that was!

    Now we're asked to be excited about lawyers' manoeuvring.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Small correction here

    "bill shock" to vendors should be translated into "patent ambush"

    There, I fixed it for you!

  4. The Cube

    Any chance of telling us what LTE is?

    I managed to wade through most of the other acronyms and have had the joy of dealing with ETSI myself but WTF is LTE?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      LTE = Long Term Evolution

      It does not; however, stand for Lucent Technologies (Europe). Or so I'm told.

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