back to article Logitech said to turn off Google TV

Logitech has reportedly suspended production of its Google TV settop box, the Revue, which it unveiled with great fanfare in early October. Industry sources told the Taiwanese rumor-peddlers at DigiTimes that the suspension was prompted by Google's desire "to complete updates or to launch a new version" of the software that …


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  1. Chris Thomas Alpha

    crap software.....

    never bother logitech in the past, it takes google to pull the plug, logitech would have just kept shipping it anyway.....

  2. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Oh dear

    Looks like it is DOA, Google are going to rework it and try again.

    Google really are the new Microsoft, not having any confidence in the product and pulling it

    1. thecakeis(not)alie

      Google TV

      Google TV got nommed by the MAFIAA. They have to go back and remove everything that makes it worthwhile in order for the MAFIAA & Cablecos to allow it to be used.

      Same as it ever was...

  3. Robin Bradshaw


    If they cant make their software work well they should just port XBMC to their TV's then everyone can be happy :)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    don't blame google

    It is not allowed, google are there own Mafia.

  5. gimbal

    The required is title, and letters contain and/or digits must

    I see we're all experts about Google Strategy around here. I guess I have nothing to add, then...

  6. James Woods

    the chocolate factory isn't always going to win

    I was originally happy with my new android phone. That was until it underwent a forced android os update.

    Ever since the update it's ran like crap, has even more applications I don't use and do not want automatically running at boot.

    So now I have to take the stupid thing to a sprint store to get it 'fixed'. Sprints been helpful but I think it's because I could still technically null my contract since i've only had it a month.

    I was considering jailbreaking and rooting it but I think there are more cons then pros to that at this point.

    Google better stick to what it does best. Datamining, Privacy invasion, breaking the law, and saying they do nothing wrong.

    1. FatherStorm 1

      Android phone

      I started with a G1 and am now on a MyTouch Slide. I rooted both and both ran faster after the root than before. Pick a stable rom with a good history (Cyanogenmod maybe) and make your life better.

  7. Michael C

    different words

    "suspended production" and "canceld the product line" are very different things. They may have suspended while they wait to retool the firmware and ship units ready for sale out of the box, or it could VERY likely mean they made more than can be reasonably sold based on demand in the interim, or a combination of the two. It does not mean they "won't" make more, it just means they have enough that the plant is currently making OTHER things, for now.

    Now, with double the price point of the competition, certain limitations vs the competition (granted with some benefits the others lack), and with no content deals in place causing the units to be blocked left and right by providers and content owners (which will probably happen again even if they bypass what's currently blocking them), its a doomed product line...

    Google tried to sidestep the agreements Apple, Roku, Boxee and others put in place. The industry laughed at them. If you have one, and still have the option, I'd be returning it immediately were I you. The options from the competition actually work NOW, and will likely continue to work and be improved going forward. There is no reason to stick with Google's hardware unless you;re already stuck with no option for return.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    the software's fine, there's just no TV on it.

    google TV got shut out of hulu, boxee, and a bunch of other sites.

    the software probably works fine, there's just no TV to be had on it.

    google should just market it as a cheap media PC with chromeOS or linux+chrome and stop all this TV nonsense.

    i've been running XBMC in one form or another on my TVs since 2004.

    i have internet TV, it works perfectly: there are no commercials and no region or format restrictions. i get movies the day they hit the theater, often sooner, and a week to a couple of months before it hits DVD.

    my internet TV is absolutely perfect because it's completely illegal.

  9. UID-Zero

    I have a Sony Blu-ray player with Google TV, so far I like it

    I got it for a Christmas gift from the wife. The first thing the box did after I plugged it in was that it updated itself to the latest software. Seems nice to me so far.

    The two main complaints that I read about were the Netflix application and the TV networks trying to block streaming to the Google TV boxes.

    The updated application for Netflix that I saw seems pretty nice, my wife tried it out last night, it seems good enough for me.

    Now on the TV networks blocking streaming. Just like with any big push to a new format, there will be those that try to resist. The consumers will get what they want no matter what, so the TV networks could use the momentum to their advantage and profit, the other option is fight it and suffer.

    I'll likely hack at the box to try to get a shell application on the thing. :)

  10. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge


    "Every Logitech Revue will receive free over-the-air updates whenever Google and Logitech release software enhancements."

    Ah, that's great. TV over the Internet and software updates over the rooftop antenna.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "free over-the-air updates'


    Why not use the internet connection for these updates?

    (Do these people write their own press statements?)

  12. Winkypop Silver badge

    Log off, turn away, zone out....

    With the same 24 hours in a day that we've always had, seeming to shrink and contract, I'm looking for ways to *avoid* the idiot box / internet.

    No more already!

  13. Steen Larsen

    No TV?!

    Considering the amount of time my children spend on Youtube I think that Google will be sucessfull - even without the TV stations cooperating! Google also has enough money to buy some serious content. I wish them luck but hope that the "spying" can be limited to a reasonable level.

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