back to article Which storage technologies and vendors will fly in 2011?

At this turning point of the year, as Dell wraps up Compellent and InSite One, and Atrato slides under the waves, it's timely to look ahead at the storage world in 2011 and ask que sera? Data growth and storage demand is seemingly unstoppable, and new storage tech has advanced quite a bit in 2010. Things are looking good for …


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  1. StorageBuddhist

    IBM's XIV: Storage for the Enterprise

    Chris, IBM's XIV is not positioned or priced in the same space as Storwize V7000 or DS5000. XIV's market is above both of these in the food chain, in larger enterprises. Customers buying XIV are largely new accounts to whom IBM would have previously proposed DS8000, customers who might otherwise have purchased HDS VSP, EMC V-MAX etc. That's not something our competitors are keen to admit (even to themselves) but that's just the way it is. SB

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re IBM XIV - StorageBuddhist

      With respect, XIV is hardly the peer of VSP and V-Max, despite IBM wanting it to be so.

      It doesn't come close on RAS features, software functionality, drive type/flexibility.

  2. David Halko
    Dead Vulture

    Oracle/Sun has a compelling product

    Of course, Oracle/Sun has compelling hardware [appliances] and [cross platform] software products with quite possibly the largest file system capacity in the industry with embedded flash acceleration and no RAID write hole - arguably features that exist virtually no where else, especially when combined with compression and encryption.

    I am uncertain how Chris Mellor could have missed Oracle/Sun in his line-up!

  3. Borneo
    Thumb Down

    Mystic Meg

    Netapp continue to grow, despite the issues developing when you stress the array with too much random I/O when the capacity reaches above approx 70%. Barry Burke to getting increasingly angry at this.

    Brocade to be bought by HP or maybe an outside shot at EMC - buying back some of the IP they sold when getting rid of McData. Storage, networking, virtualization, middle-ware.

    HDS to continue selling, with no fuss, and with terrible software.

    EMC to release ControlCentre without host agents, and using SMC for all configuration changes. Still Java, still too bloated.

    I won't make an attempt at XIV. Does it sell, is it selling, is it going to be axed, does it do what it says it does, would IBM sell a dud?

  4. Antipodean


    All of the possibilities pronounced in the article don't last long.

    Sure, magtape can do ten years at a stretch in optimal storage conditions, maybe longer if you have Das Ueber Data Vault, but what about longer storage?

    What's the go in that case? How to circumvent data rotation, or at least extend rotation cycles and reduce data rot? Magtape?

    Non-optical media? May as well rub it with adipocere at the start of the storage cycle, for all its recoverable worth for at least that may prevent oxidation.

    What the fix, O Mighty Reg Pundits and Punters?

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