back to article Vulture falls asleep in front of Christmas TV

Well, that's your lot this side of Christmas. The Register is taking its festive break as of about now. We'll be back next week, with full service being restored sometime after Boxing Day. In the meantime, we wish you all the best and hope you enjoy the festive period to the full, however you're spending it.®


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Thanks for the entertaining 2010!

    Happy crimbo, etc

  2. Asgard

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    and a Happy New Year!

  3. George09

    Xmas Banner

    Where's the famous festive banner this year? All the best and thanks for an entertaining year.

    1. tony trolle

      yep thought you would had some snow

      on the banner

    2. Martin Owens


      Don't you know there's a downturn on? they probably fired their graphics artist to buy a couple of rounds of beers at the Christmas party.

  4. Graham Marsden
    Thumb Up

    Happy Humbug...

    ... to El Reg!

    (And I don't blame you for falling asleep in front of Xmas TV, once again it's really crap...)

    1. Jonathan Richards 1 Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Present from Ponting

      The coverage of the Test was fairly entertaining, mind. Strictly, broadcast early on Boxing Day, rather than Christmas Day, but eventful enough to keep one awake!

      Merry Christmas, and thanks for the entertainment through the year.

    2. Marty

      xmas telly

      xmas telly has been crap since the rise of Sky TV and since films come to DVD 6 months after the cinima release...

      no more movie premiers that there is a good chance you havent seen... they make xmas specials of programs that they no longer make instead of the current programmes...

      But most of all, it went down the pan after Eric Morcombe switched over to the other side !!!


      Happy humbug... !!

      (joke alert, coz cristmas tv is one)

  5. Ivor
    Paris Hilton


    That's it???

    No christmas banner?

    No Paris angle?

    No illiterate drunken posts?

    What is The Register coming to?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Only me left at work then, lazy f@#$&!'s..

    To one and all, happy humbugs all round ;)


  7. Colin Critch
    Thumb Up

    happy xmas the reg

    good work this year

  8. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    The wrong kind of snow?

    Is El Reg affiliated with BAA? What kind of service is this? The slightest excuse and service drops to zero! Admittedly, it rarely rises above that level even at the best of times! I bet Mr. Haines hasn't sacrificed his annual bonus and is at this moment quaffing booze down some disreputable foreign bar! Bah, humbug!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and more stuff and nonsense in 2011!

  9. ChrB

    Merry Christmas

    and thank you for many pleasant, interesting & entertaining hours.

    <- I'll raise one of these for all at El Reg

  10. Sartori

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas to all at The Register, thanks for keeping us all up to date and for the many laughs through the year, enjoy a well deserved break :)

  11. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge


    I thought you lot never spared a day scouring the world for an IT related story.... and a few stories not IT related either

    Merry chrimbo from the industrial robot programmers

  12. Ben Tasker

    You can't go yet......

    Where's my BOFH?

    Have a good one everyone, for once I'm not on call :D

  13. Robert E A Harvey


    come back happy, or not at all as my old boss used to say.

  14. Anonymous Cowherder
    Thumb Up

    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

    I've probably written more comments that are moaning about stuff than ones that aren't moans but thanks for another year of El Reg! One of the first websites I visit each day. For info, my football (soccer) team, news, then El Reg.

    Here's to another tech filled year in 2011, maybe this is the year that everyone else realises that us techies really actually do run the universe and should be recompensed accordingly.

    Failing that, a couple of thank-yous would be good.

  15. Rodrigo Valenzuela

    Enjoy your snowy holidays

    In this side of the world we have a sunny day and summer vacations coming up, so instead of falling sleep in front of the TV, we can fall sleep in a hammock.

    Anyway, a really big thanks for a year of great articles and inspiring events.

    Looking forward to a 2011 PARIS.


    (that is a COLD beer)

  16. Andrew Moore

    Have a Cool Yule...

    ...and expect lots of messages from the septics wanting to know what a 'Boxing Day' is...

  17. Jelliphiish


    I'll be here.. bored sh1tless.. nothing to read..

    don't you mind though, you go, have a good xmas, go.

    you see if i care...

  18. David Haig

    Merry Christmas

    Thanks for keeping me cheerful in 2010 - especially the PARIS team, Simon Travaglia & the BOFH

    and the Moderatrix

    Long may you all revel!

    Cheers to you all

  19. Keith T
    Thumb Up

    Merry Christmas folks !

    And have a happy, creative and prosperous 2011 !

  20. cavac
    Thumb Up

    Merry Christmas!

    And thanks for another entertaining and informative year!

  21. Anonymous Coward


    Have a good one.

  22. Gangsta

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all the Reg Readers and Staff!

    (Are the moderatrix still working?)

  23. Gene Cash Silver badge

    Christmas party?

    Are ya'll having a nice party, and will there be any incriminating pictures later?

  24. Anonymous Coward

    oh crap

    How else am I going to entertain myself?!? I need to avoid the family!!!

  25. jake Silver badge

    Happy Solstice, all :-)

    No, I'm not pagan, I'm just happy that the days are getting longer now ...

  26. Ian Michael Gumby

    Boxing Day?

    Sorry, I'm just an ignorant Yank.

    Is that a day that celebrates Tyson, Foreman, Ali and Fraiser?

    Is this a Brit made up holiday to compete with Festivus?

  27. Ivan Headache

    Ivan Headache

    and a full belly.

    Thanks for a great year.

  28. Gnomalarta
    Thumb Up

    That's TV For You!

    Thanks for being a bright light in a dark year!

  29. Richard North

    I hope everybody enjoyed the Fourth Test...

    Seeing the Aussie fans leaving the ground in droves worked wonders for my Christmas hangover.

    Happy New Year everybody! :-)

  30. Inspector Clouseau

    Let me be the first

    To welcome our new non-Christmas working Overlo.........aah fuck it.

    I'll get me coat.

    Mine's the one with the cloakroom guy emptying my pockets.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Mer-hic-ry Christmas all.

  32. Real Name
    IT Angle

    Merry Christmas!

    And enjoy the beer!

  33. sandman

    Have a good one!

    Thanks for 2010 - looking forward to all the tech gossip (sorry, news) in 2011. Also thanks to all t'other commentards who help lmake the site so entertaining :-)

  34. The Unexpected Bill

    Thanks for another great year of IT hand-biting...

    Thanks for yet another interesting year of great reporting! Just wanted to let you know that it and your generous policy on comments are greatly appreciated.

    Have a Happy New Year!

  35. Hooch181
    Thumb Up

    Happy Crimbo all...

    Keep safe...

    Or not depending on your disposition! ;-)

  36. BorkedAgain

    Merry Christmas to all...

    Thanks for another year's worth of entertainment and thought-provocation. Season's greetings to the Reg staff and regulars; looking forward to being distracted from work by you again next year...

    Here's a virtual pint of sherry to help along the turkey-burps and snores...

  37. rhdunn

    Iiiiiiiiits Christmas!

    Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  38. 68 SK LFG

    Merry Christmas, folks!

    All the best from mine to yours from Tennessee!

    71 SK LFG

    (and a happy Frostfell for those who know)

  39. Matt.Smart
    Thumb Up

    Ho ho ho!

    Merry Christmas, El Reg! Thanks for another great year.

  40. Rippy

    Merry Christmas to all

    And to all a good night.

  41. John Sanders


    Merry Christmas to all, and a happy new year!

  42. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Great no moderation

    boobs boobs feck arse

    You reckon? -Ed.

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sitting here,

    Temperature down to 19 at night --- but that is Centigrade --- under the South Indian sun, looking forward to another year of The Register making me glad I'm not still working.

    Happy Christmas, Happy New year to all :)

  44. WhoIsThis?
    Thumb Up

    Happy Christmas to El Reg

    You've done this year proud (even if it isn't over quite yet).

  45. carup008


    I hope everyone will have a great time during the festive season.....and with a bit of luck, the dr who xmas special will not be too bad.....

  46. Dave Bell

    A reminder...

  47. Fluffykins Silver badge


    Happy Christmas and a Preposterous* New YEar

    *Like 'Prosperous' but much funnier.

    Holly icon please

  48. Disco-Legend-Zeke

    Have A...

    ...Cool Yule.

    ...Frantic First.

    ..Great Love

    *pretend it's champagne.

  49. heyrick Silver badge

    Thanks for all the info over the year...

    ...and yes, I'm casting my eye over RadioTimes. Really, it's enough to push anyone to consider "downloads". Let's try it backwards - five has three hours of "Greatest Christmas adverts", Four has an hour long update on kids born on Christmas day, ITV1 has Poirot's "Murder on the Orient Express", BBC2 has Blackadder and then Christmas swing music, BBC1 has The Royle Family. Don't even ask about the other freeview channels (Bridget Jones, Holiday on the buses, Carry on screaming...). <sigh>

    PS: It is even worse trying to find something new to watch now that British broadcasting seems to have redefined "Premiere" to mean "first showing on this channel".

  50. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    10.40am on the 27th...

    And the Vulture still sleeps.

    Still, to be fair, they did say "sometime" after boxing day!

  51. Ralphe Neill


    Well? Where are you? Still asleep?

    You're winning the bloody Ashes!

    There's no El Reg!

    This is Christmas??

  52. Anonymous Coward

    Boxing Day?

    Isn't that the Canadian holiday after Christmas invented so Canadians can flood across the border and buy cheaper gifts in the after Christmas sales?

  53. Anonymous Coward

    Remember kids...

    If in doubt, drink heavily! Merry Christmas to all at El Reg.

  54. GeorgeTuk
    Thumb Up

    Happy Christmas El Reg!

    Thanks for another of light hearted IT reporting, without you the world would be a little bit more (80s computer) beige!

  55. Gatsby


    Merry Christmas one and all!

  56. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Tittle - tattle

    Well I was going to wish you a Happy Christmas, but you lot fell asleep before I had the chance (some of us had to work Christmas Eve). You didn't even stay awake long enough to put up the pretty snowy banner.

    Bah! Humbug!

    So now you're back, from outer space... Oh, wrong song.


    Oh well...

    Happy New Year anyway.

  57. Anonymous Coward


    Have you finished your turkey yet?


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