back to article Sony Ericsson to brand PlayStation phone 'Xperia Play'?

Will the PlayStation phone be called the PlayStation Phone? A search of Sony trademarks suggests it might not. According to fansite Pocket Now, Sony Ericsson has registered "Xperia Play" as a trademark in Europe. The name has also been registered as a web address. The flaw in any suggestion that Xperia Play will be the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Errm not crazy at all.

    Sony won't allow it, as it clearly doesn't play Playstation games, it plays Android games.

    However i'm guessing that ruin's Tony's plan to slate it when it got called the PSP Phone for not playing PSP games.

    Beh, WAY too predictable... you must try harder. Another day, another El-Reg Xbox fanboy fails epically.

    1. M Gale


      Nobody even knows what the phone will look like, yet. Everything so far has been artists' impressions and maybe-possibly-perhaps rumours.

      Besides, there's absolutely no reason the phone couldn't come with a Dalvik stack for Android, and a little included app called "Playstation". Maybe even a hypervisor to rapidly switch between Playstation mode and Android toyphone mode? They can do that, you know.

      Personally I'd rather the whole thing be a bit more integrated. An Android toyphone with a really beefy GPU and a Sony games market in addition to Google's stuff, perhaps.

      Finally if Sony call them Playstation games, they are Playstation games, Android or not. They own the brand, yaknow?

  2. DrunkJunkie

    Or it could be...

    SE's version of Apple's Airplay?

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Or worse still... could end up being like the Motorolla (iTunes) Rokr <shudder>

  3. Tigra 07

    What a crap name...

    PS3-connectable phone Aino.?

    As in Aino body? Makes me better da da da. Makes me appy da da da. Makes me feel this way. Aino body...

  4. Mike Brown


    i wish they would just make a PSPgo, with android and a HSDPA connection. id buy 2!

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  6. Damien 3
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    Sony Playstation Phone

    I am really excited by this idea of a Sony Playstation Phone / Xperia Play / Zeus Z1 whatever they want to call it.

    If carried out to the quality of the other Xperia phones (but with a faster update process this could be the device that launches the android os to the next level)

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