back to article Adobe forgets to thank Apple as it hits $1bn per quarter

Adobe put a troublesome year behind it yesterday, announcing its first ever billion-dollar quarter and jacking up its forecasts for next year. The developer and creative software vendor turned in revenues of $1bn for its fourth quarter ending 3 December, well up on last year's $757.3m, and ahead of the $998m Wall Street was …


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  1. frank 3
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    not the best software, the most diverse

    given the buggy bloat that is CS5, I think 'diverse' is being kind.

    diverse - or ramshackle collection of overpriced heavies that suck all the money from your wallet in a single mighty slurp and all the cycles from your cpu followed by a belch that takes out your entire OS.


    1. The Fuzzy Wotnot
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      Amen brother!

      Forcing PS on MAC to 64 bit, while all the industry filters are still at 32bit, thus forcing you to run CS5 in 32bit mode for another 18 months waiting for everyone else to catch up! I skipped CS4-CS5 upgrade, no point, wait for CS6 when everyone else's stuff is 64bit and relatively bug free.

  2. Tigra 07

    Adobe forgets to rub Apples nose in their success as it hits $1bn per quarter

    The time was that on most sites you visited, plugins had to be manually installed to view the content.

    Now the only time you see that, is when you need flash and your browser doesn't have it built in.

    Adobe doesn't really offer anything useful anymore, the reader is buggy and huge and flash is being phased out.

    Adobe has become Nero, bloated and already on new computers because nobody chooses to install it by choice.

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    Flash = crap

    Flash still crashes constantly here and saps CPU cycles just to display simple animated ads.

    1. Tom Chiverton 1

      haters gotta hate

      Try the 10.2 beta.

      It's got GPU offload'n'stuff.

      1. Michael C


        So you can peg the GPU instead of the CPU. That's better.

        Nothing like offloading to solve a problem that BETTER CODE could.

        1. joejack

          @Michael C

          So, you're against offloading graphics processing onto graphics processors.

          1. Mark 65


            Nope, I think he's against offloading shit graphics processing onto graphics processors.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Fed Up With Flash and DivX Player ? Try VLC !

    Flash and DivX are sucking CPU cycles as if they wanted to simulate a nuclear explosion when looking at a movie. The DiVX thing is nearly fully unusable.

    I downloaded an avi movie from a certain site using wget (just look into the html and you will mostly find the url) and then viewed it using VLC. Even on this weak laptop I am using (Celeron CPU), VLC will need less than 30 % CPU for an excellent, sharp full screen movie. More evidence to the theory that the commercialware vendors are just cobbling together inefficient feature-creep-ware.

    VLC uses ffmpeg.

    (you can't do streaming, but you have to download the full file before VLC can consume it)

  5. mraak

    Flash != crap

    @Anonymous Coward: I developed I site in Flash in 2002 and it worked perfectly and loaded extremely fast on dial up network and on a hardware that is nowhere near todays phones. Plus, it had UI features that HTML5 will not allow for at least 10 years to come.

    1. Mark 65

      5 Hail Marys

      Confessional is the next door along.

  6. Gil Grissum

    No problem with Adobe products here.

    Flash 10.1 is neither buggy nor slow on my HTC EVO 4G. Then again, I don't root or mess with my phone. I just use the apps and functions I need and don't tamper with it. Flash runs fine on both my Core 2 Duo desktop as well as as my four year old Panasonic Toughbook, but then I run my systems lean and mean without bloat. CS 5 runs great on my desktop too. No problems there.

    Those of you who are having problems running Adobe software, might want to call Geek Squad and get some tech support. I don't need any.

  7. asdf

    Great now they are making $$$

    So now they should fix their worse in class software (buggy, bloated, slow, and the worst security in the industry). Because after all the best thing to do to do to your Youtube zombie l(users) is help them join a bot herd with drive by ownage.

  8. Ben 50

    The Adobe / Flash advantage

    I recently realised something really obvious, but equally important.

    Flash/Flex is the only developer platform out there which is *totally* cross-platform - and by that I mean you can write a single app and without changing anything more than some packaging options compile it to run on ANY browser, as a desktop app on ANY operating system, and/or have it run on ANY mobile phone (either as flash or packaged for iOS4 / Android as AIR).

    That's really damn impressive. Isn't it? People have been hating flash since day 1 (and I used to be one of the worst for that) but actually, it's achieved something other firms have only been able to dream about when it comes to write once run anywhere (and no, not crash everywhere, unless perhaps you can only code turd for a living). That it isn't 100% super optimised is something I can happily live with given the benefit I am increasingly exploiting for my customer's benefit.

    The browser plugin / HTML5 war is a total distraction given that anything which can run software is now pretty much by definition internet aware.

    Next step for Adobe, embedded systems processors :-)

    1. Anonymous Coward

      @Adobe Advantage

      Just make your users install Firefox 3.x and do it in JavaScript. That's the same as requiring Adobe Flash installed, except that Mozilla is capable of plugging holes in a matter of days, not weeks.

  9. Lars Silver badge

    CPU %

    Always wondered about the CPU% as some sort of exact measure for something.

    You can use it in an stable environment to check if something funny is happening if the % suddenly is very different.

    Put a Unix machine to add ones to a register in a loop, and the % should be about 100.

    Then add 100 similar scripts and the % is still about 100.

    In other words what is the purpose of a processor if it does not work "wholeheartedly".

    With a low % it is probably waiting for IO or something else.

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      @Lars: CPU Load Bulls.

      If a computer runs permanently at 100% CPU load this means it will not be responsive to user input. Realtime engineers never put more than 60% load on a CPU which is intended to meet just soft realtime requirements.

      DivX running at 100% CPU means they can't properly render the video. (Because they actually need something like 270% CPU (ie. a much faster CPU))

      VLC running at 20% CPU means there are plenty of reserves to handle contingencies like user input or something which happens very infrequently (say, auto-updater kicking in at 23:15 while you watch the ladies undressing).

      Also 100% CPU means maximum power consumption, which is fatal for mobile devices.

  10. HugoPinto

    Thank apple? NO WAY!

    Thank Apple? Are you insane?

    Apple is trying to destroy Adobe and everyone else that doesn't do things their way.

    Apple just released iAd producer, taking aim at Adobe Flash.

    Do you people even know why Photoshop CS4 was 64bit on PC and still 32 bit on Mac?

    CS4 is not 64bit for OSX because Apple (yes thats right, Apple) dropped 64bit support for Carbon at the last minute.

    Adobe and other companies didn't have enough time to have their developers go and learn Coacoa to remake the application so decided to just release the 32bit version for OSX and CS5 will be written in pure Coacoa so it should have 64bit. (Also Snow Leopard 10.6 is supposibly dropping carbon framework all together so there's a possibility photoshop prior to CS5 may not work on it).

    Thank Apple? I think NOT!

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