back to article Analyst squares up against Gartner's magic quadrant

Ferris Research, an analyst firm focused on messaging, compliance and collaboration, is asking IT vendors to let the firm know if Gartner has ever improved any of their magic quadrant positions in return for cash. Gartner is currently battling a defamation and trade libel claim from an IT company which has not been ranked as …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    No, they're much more scientific than that...

    The customer decides on what are "key factors" and approach Gartner to provide a MQ that shows their choosen vendor/supplier is in the top-right box.

    Bingo, a business case....

  2. Chris 3


    "Your identity would be kept entirely anonymous and no one, including Gartner, will ever know you’ve testified."

    I can't really see how this would be of any use then. Unless people are willing to testify openly, surely the court will treat it as unsubstantiated.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    And this is such a surprise?

    I have had to look at a number of Gartner reports, mainly pushed at me from non technical areas of the organisation, to justify a decision. In no case have any of my requests to Gartner to get access to (anonymised) data that justifies their recommendations been satisfied. Nuff said......

  4. Chris Mellor 1

    ZL Technologies lawsuit dismissed

    Sent to me by Nancy Erskine:

    "I’m the ombudsman at Gartner. It’s a position we established at Gartner more than 7 years ago to ensure the objectivity, independence and accuracy of Gartner Research. I thought you and your readers might be interested in the blog post I wrote about the judge’s decision in the ZL case in 2009. I have also posted about the fact that Gartner research opinion is not for sale . (In case either of these links don’t work my blog is"

    I understand from a Gartner spokesperson that ZL appealed against the judge’s original decision to dismiss the case in 2009, but its appeal was also dismissed soon afterwards.


    1. asdf

      wait a minute

      Weren't the credit rating agencies saying the same thing as they were giving subprime mortgage bundles a triple A rating? We all know how well corporations handle conflicts of interest with their clients and who interests usually come first.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      So if someone were to correlate vendor spending with and magic quadrant rating there would be no pattern that may indicate the more you spend the higher you are rated?

      Intact would this information be available through freedom of information? Or alternatively I could buy a single share in each tech company and request this information

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