back to article Cisco and NetApp are all loved up

The twitterverse is swimming with tweets from NetAppers full of suppressed excitement about a deepening Cisco and NetApp relationship and also about Data ONTAP-v. Could an OEM deal be coming? ONTAP-v is NetApp's array operating system implemented as a virtual machine under ESX. NetApp seems to have a freely available version …


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  1. Marin Debelic


    I am wondering whether it would be politically (and revenue-wise) worthwhile for Cisco to OEM or resell any NetApp product and irritate another partner (say EMC). The current strategy of the Flexpod (Ntap+cisco+vmware) relationship appears to push all integration to the channel VAR partners. I suspect that any integration of additional software would take place in the same way. If its technically viable, of course.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Cisco? Partnering? Yeah, right.............

    Cisco will do what suits Cisco and nothing else. This viewer feels that the VCE relationship shows signs of straining as EMC realise that there is nothing incremental in it for them other than a lot of marketing flannel. NetApp are so alienated from the rest of the Storage business that anything like this looks good to them and good luck to them.

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