back to article Fanboys: updated OS X Lion MacBooks, iMacs in H1 '11

Apple will update its iMac and MacBook Pro lines during the first half of 2011, moles from Taiwan say. Even if the claim is guesswork, it's well educated guesswork, based on the fact that the first half of any given year is usually when Apple updates these model - the current MacBook Pros were introduced in April 2010, for …


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  1. Paul_Murphy


    I'll be able to sit on it and it will work as a magic carpet.

    Or I can contact the dead,

    Or it will double as body-armour,

    Or ... Oh I give up - who cares? does it really matter that much?


    1. Arthur Jackson

      Title is Mr

      Well Paul,

      It matters enough for you to take the time to comment.

  2. Deadly_NZ

    I shit

    The Pros will use a slightly modified casing, though what the changes are, subtle though they may be, was not made clear. ®

    And they forgot to mention the $500 extra cost for these minor changes

    1. Ted Treen


      You are privy to pricing for as-yet unannounced models?

      My word, you must be held in very high esteem in Cupertino.

  3. dave 93
    Thumb Up

    Apple is kind to customers

    Predictable upgrade cycles paired with incremental upgrades means that customers can buy in confidence knowing that they won't be left holding totally obsolete kit.

    Apple's track record with providing decent emulation to support old software too, is another example of customer care sadly lacking from other hardware and software vendors.

  4. Patrick 8

    Also in the news predictions for next year...

    In 2011, you will also turn another year older.

    Hows that?!

  5. whats the point of kenny lynch?


    the worst osx name so far....wot's next - ginger tom?

    1. Ted Treen
      Jobs Halo

      It will be...

      OSX Kitten.

      (Going for the female user...)

  6. Matt_payne666


    News flash!

    unconfirmed source suggests that a comapany may facelift old model in the future!!

    why is this even news??!!

  7. Paul 25

    In other news

    * The sun will rise tomorrow morning

    * "Analysts" will continue to be paid for doing bugger-all

    * I will continue to think that I'm in the wrong job

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