back to article Nokia cuts staff, fiddles with E7

Nokia is cutting back on staff while grappling with its new E7 Communicator, which will now not ship until next year. The layoffs were announced in October, and the number being cut in Finland has slimmed slightly following mandatory staff consultations: so now 800, rather than 850, Finns will be losing their jobs despite the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Maybe they're actually testing it this time...

    Winter's here: my touchscreen's stopped working again.

  2. MrBrie

    We're running late, let's get rid of people

    The logic behind this baffles me.

    1. Mage Silver badge

      We're running late, let's get rid of people

      Actually adding people when you running late is even worse.

      Depending what stage your project is at and who you letting go, can make no difference, help or hinder the project.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    as most (all?) nokia apps are or will be based on Qt, it might make sense to have this as the first meego phone? It would make sense with the E7s form factor... Perhaps a spiritual successor to the N900? Or is the E7 not tablety enough?

    I wouldn't hold my breath. The (frequent at first) OTA updates will be a nightmare for the admins. I suppose it depends on how ready meego will actually be be when it hits v1.2...

  4. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Slimming down the brick

    They keep slimming down the brick, but each time they do they make the keyboard harder to use effectively, making the device fairly pointless.

    The 9210 was the peak of usability in terms of the keyboard, text entry was brilliant on that.

  5. leona 2
    Thumb Up

    If only other manufactures did this

    The thing is that in all the rush to push phones out the door, quality control and user testing seems to go out the window. If only HTC did a bit more of this on their Desire Z then maybe they would have spotted the hinge problem and solved it. I think other manufactures need to take stock and ensure their product is perfect before throwing it out the door, I'd rather buy a phone that will actually last the 2 year contract I will have to sign up to (note that is one year Longer than the warranty!) so I want a phone that has been tested and quality controlled, sadly that's not the Desire Z! :( but maybe the E7, as Nokia make good solid reliable phones.

  6. Andy Hards

    The made a big mistake with the much anticipated N97

    and don't want this one going the same way. I currently have the N8 and think it's great. Has a lot of the improvements on the previous Nokia touch screen phones. Doesn't have querty in portrait? So what, I have gotten so used to using predictive text that a querty is more of a pain than anything else.

    Sad for the people losing jobs though. Hope they will be looked after. Bloody bankers scewing up World ecomony.

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