back to article Firefox UI man quits Mozilla for new health-conscious venture

Mozilla user-interface guru Aza Raskin is leaving the open source outfit to start a new venture called Massive Health. He announced the move on his blog yesterday, and said he wants to design personal health tools that are easier to navigate and to better understand the data a patient is dealing with. “Each of us has a unique …


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  1. MinionZero

    Wonderful news!

    I love using Firefox, but the UI has a number of bugs not least more than a few with drag and drop bookmarks and some have been there years!

    For example try creating a folder in the bookmarks, then drag that new folder to a new place in the bookmarks, then try to drop the URL into that new folder. It won't appear. Why? ... well try this, open up a new window with CTRL+N, then look in that version of the bookmarks with this new folder and as if by magic the URL appears.

    Here's another one, try dragging a URL into the bookmarks when a popup downloading complete message appears because if it does appear, you then won't be able to drop the URL into the bookmarks. It will be lost, even though you are still holding the bloody URL link icon!

    Here's another one, try dragging a URL into the bookmarks with folders within folders. The bookmarks main folders get confused and close these windows.

    Here's another one, try dragging a URL into the bookmarks with more links than fit in the window, the bloody folder of links scrolls and you loose your sub folder scrolling off screen, which you have to scroll back to.

    Its such wonderful news the UI guy is going. Now someone can hopefully fix the bloody bugs in the UI!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Wonderful news!

      Have you file those bugs at

      If not then you can't blame anyone but yourself that they haven't been fixed yet.

      1. Bilgepipe


        "If not then you can't blame anyone but yourself that they haven't been fixed yet."

        Are you seriously claiming that MinionZero is the only Firefox user in the world who has noticed these glaring bugs? What have all those beta testers been doing?

    2. mangobrain

      The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

      As interface designer, Mr. Raskin didn't necessarily write a single line of UI code. That would be the job of a programmer, not a designer. So, unless the bugs of which you speak are actually not bugs at all (being instead intentional behaviours of a badly broken design), Raskin's departure has nothing to do with it.

    3. OffBeatMammal

      sounds more like developer sloppiness than UI design issues

      title says it all

  2. Logos
    Thumb Up

    so what...

    not a big loss, considering how useless panorama/tab candy tab view is, and how ugly and not yet fully functional the "new" add-on manager is. Hope they find someone better than that.

  3. OffBeatMammal

    long overdue

    while I use Microsoft's HealthVault for this (and neither of them do a very good job in giving me a one-stop-stop for everything from my medical and dental records (fillings, visits to the Doc for some bug, xray and trip to the Chiro, data from my pedometer, wifi connected scale, insurance billing details) or presents it in a holistic way.

    Hopefully this will at least shake up the status quo with a very consumer oriented solution rather than prove to be just another portal to sell medical insurance :)

  4. Jason Bassford

    "disruptively easier"?

    I never realized that you could be disrupted by something being easy.

  5. Rafael L
    Paris Hilton


    The one who copied Opera's UI?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Maybe now Mozilla will stop breaking what works perfectly...

  7. Pete 43
    Dead Vulture

    Suffering from

    Cranial arseinserteritus. At least that's my diagnosis.

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