back to article Goldman Sachs wants clouds, tablets and divis from Microsoft

Microsoft has another tough year ahead, a Goldman Sachs tech analyst has warned. Sarah Friar said at the weekend that 2011 would be a big challenge for Steve Ballmer's software company, principally because Microsoft will be attempting to play catch-up with Apple and Google on tablet computers and mobile phones. The analyst …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    what do analysts really know?

    apart from how to hype a bubble and crash a market and leave everyone up to their ears in it

    Microsoft are a billion dollar business with strong continued revenues.... and a CEO and senior leadership team who are failing to set a clear direction or inspire internally or externally

    the problem isn't a lack of an iPad compete... it's the fact they've been talking about tablet/slate computing since the 90s and failed to deliver so they have no credibility

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The loss of bonus to multi Billionaire Steve will cause great pain, as will the stinging criticism!

    Bill was talking about tablet PC long before the introduction of smart phones. In the mean time, Apples come up with incredibly sexy devices which wipe the market clean.

    Microsoft and the O/S are rapidly becoming an irrelevance, or at least just another bit-part player, it's all about the gadget (hardware) . Once Chinese manufacturers ramp up quality, and their own brands to compete with the established market leaders, "the race to the bottom" is complete. As a MSFT stock holder of many years now, I know that Microsoft are yesterdays news. Ballmer can only lust over the glory days, it's all down hill from here, much as the "global economy". Goodnight Amerika, you let it all go wrong on your watch.

  3. unhandled_exception

    It never ceases to amaze me incompetent management is never fired. This Ballmer guy is way past his expiration date and they think that by reducing his bonus he's going to learn new tricks? Communismfailed but maybe US capitalism doesnkt work either.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Microsoft and the O/S are rapidly becoming an irrelevance

    Really? Really? Based on what evidence?

    So what's replacing it?

    Linux with it's 1% desktop share? (goes up about .1% / year).

    Mac with it's 5% desktop market share? (Recently fell).

    iOS With is 1.25% share?

    Windows has about 90% total market share.

    So death of MS is greatly exagerated. Get you facts right before spewing the usual trolling bullshit.

    (Details repeating across many surveys)

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Hmmmmm some times the anal-ists are one the ball

    If not wholly - at least partly.

    They took about 6 or 7 years to bring out pop-up add blockers on their browser - AFTER everyone else had them....

    I mean THAT is bad from 2 perspectives - the adds are driving everyone mental, and they are doing SFA about lifting their own products, so their customers are not going out of their minds...

    Now other browsers, have eaten into MS's dominance, mostly because of their incompetence.

    In speaking in generalised terms or themes.... in terms of the LATE delivery and SHONKY products... and PISS POOR - head smashing on desk stupiditiy....

    Hotmail is a spam server..... and it's crap and never been cleaned up.

    Outlook drives many people mental......

    Everyone else has tablets // smart phones etc... and MS are either LATE or serving up DRM // crippled / late / woefully inadequate - products and operating systems......

    They have continued in their arrogance and stupidity - with that "shit in your face factory" called Vista.......

    MS is doing REALLY Dumb stuff like repackaging Office 2003 as 2007 with an IDIOT ribbon - with no recourse to change it back to the menu.. or to switch it off.... so 30% of the screen space is wasted on stupid shit you don't need to see.

    And all the while they are doing all the really nasty, greedy, incompetent, unbridled greed at any cost antics of a monopolist going out of control.....

    When they released their 07 backdoored spyware operating system, they soldit for $100 in the states, and $200+ everywhere else; and they stopped people buying it online in the USA by IP address or shipping address..

    They have shut down the already SHIT customer service in many countries - including Australia and now there is no "HI can I have your name and credit card number?" - there is outsourcing to the cheapest foreign call centers - with clueless script monkeys.....


    I don't pay for stupidity, ulcers or for anyone to drive me insane because they are too incompetent to get their own act together...

    All the really crazy and BAD ethics, antics and products are not the signs of a healthy company, these are the signs of a global corporation rotting from within, and drowning in it's own shit.

    While Goldman Sachs ARE dishonest and corrupt, and it was YOUR money they lost - not theirs, I'd tend to add more credibility to their report, than Ballmer and Co's two faced game playing.

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