back to article Xbox 360 outsells PS3 2:1

Microsoft has been selling a lot more Kinect bundles than Sony has sold PlayStation 3 and Move combos a US market watcher has claimed. And that suggests that it's selling more than twice as many consoles as its arch-rival is. According to Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Securities, by way of Industry Gamers, "about …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Yes, 5:1 ratio is very a good figure for the fanboys to fap over, but you have to take into account that Kinect costs around £130 and is therefore more "bundleable"?

    I'll bet a lot of PS3 buyers are buying the bundle with the most games and then buying a move starter pack on top, because the perceived value of a multigame bundle is higher than a move bundle (move starter pack only costs £42). Whereas, the higher price of the Kinect device gives the Kinect bundle a higher perceived value for Xbox 360 buyers.

    Considering that the Kinect apparently only costs £35 to make, the £130 price point might pay off in this respect.

    1. Michael C


      We're buying a PS3 just after xmas, and it was very easy for me to decide on buying the PS3 separately from the move kit given the PS3 model I want is not offered with the bundle, and the value of the bundle is not radically different from the value of the 2 purchased separately. It really makes little difference either way.

      As for xBox outselling PS3 2:1 in general, it's Christmas time, and the xBox is significantly lower in price and generally preferred by the younger generation to boot (older guys like me see the value in the PS3 and are more interested in the types of games available, not to mention its BR player).

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        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward


          Speaking only for myself rather than some sweeping generalism about anyone that's ever bought a PS3. I don't have money to burn...I simply went for the more powerful machine and saved up a bit more.

          You can call that a cost/benefit decision if you like.

          Pwned icon.

        2. Octopoid

          Money to burn

          Whereas frugal people spend £130 on a £35 webcam, naturally.

          At any rate the 360 and PS3 have been about the same price for a long time, especially if you want fancy high tech features like rechargeable controllers or Wi-Fi.

          In terms of value for money, that has always been a one horse race, even for the 6 - 9 months the PS3 was more expensive.

          I'm guessing your mum would only let you have one.

  2. swisstoni


    I think the big seller for PS3 at the moment is the release of Gran Turismo 5, i've not tried it, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to be playing that with a move controller. So I'm not suprised they're not selling that many proportionally. Whereas the kinect add on is the major highlight for xbox at the moment.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up


      This is just MS Propaganda to get round the news they are now in last place in console sales, despite starting WAY before either PS3 or Wii.

      Playing GT5 it's utter brilliance, and Watching Kinect down currys at the weekend, it was the laughing stock of anyone that bothered to try it out. A system that promises the world and delivers very little Aside from a cheezy raft jumping game and a cheezy steering game.

      Move offers WAY more beyond the Kinect novelty value. It's got the casual titles (Start The Party, Tumble, the dancing games), it's got the more serious games, Resident Evil, Heavy Rain, and it's got the inbetweeners too, Singstar etc. It's also got the price; £40. This is why Sony have already shifted over 5m PS3 Move units in a month and a bit (unit = controller, or starter pack), and Microsoft are telling the world that they think Kinect will sell 5m between now and the end of the year.

      Will Microsoft sell 5m Kinects? I'm guessing so, as Nintendo managed to sell snake oil to consumers in the form of the Wii, so i'm guessing Microsoft will do the same here, but lets not fool outselfs it's actually any good.

      Anyone thinking of getting Kinect, I would STRONGLY suggest trying before you buy and check out the very narrow genre of games on offer.

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        1. Octopoid

          @ AC

          As far as I can tell, the 360 and PS3 are too close to call, but frankly, who cares? They both sell well enough to be very well supported, and thats all that matters for either one.

          "I guess those are the types of things you have to tell yourself when you picked the dud of the pack" - Methinks the lady doth protest too much?

          Your comments about Kinect make no sense. However, even if we look at what you're trying to say.

          "feet, legs, arms, hands, head"- tracking your legs and feet may be very important to you. Maybe MS will release a game of the Hokey Cokey, but in the meantime, tracking your legs on a system where you have to stand to use it is next to useless. "Stand on one leg to reload?" It makes no sense. Head tracking is generally equally useless - so every time I look at my ammo, I swing down towards the ground? Or do I have to try and remeber to use my eyes for some tasks, and my head for others. It really is trying to fix a problem that just doesn't exist. Then there's the important one - tracking your arms. This is all good and well, but the only really useful game mechanic involved here is putting something accurately into your hand, allowing you to manipulate objects in the 3d world, that sort of thing. Move is more accurate at this, not to mention the most important aspect of all - buttons. With Kinect, how exactly do you pick an object up? It's not accurate enough to detect your fingers, so you're left shouting "XBOX: PICKUP" or stamping your feet or something.

          The "full body dancing games" don't actually map your full body onto a character - it's not up to it. Also, you may want to look into this - games that do this are also available for the Wii and the PS3.

          Driving games - fine, as long as you don't want any fancy little details, like an accelerator, or brakes, or pretty much any controls other than steering.

          It in no way has a "wide range of sports games" - it doesn't yet have a wide range of any games.

          I can't even be bothered with the rest of your post. It's like you've been frozen in a glacier since 2006, and in that time have suffered a certain degree of frostbite to the brain. Is your assertion really that the PS3 is "dead in the water" because it's recent optional peripheral doesn't allow you to take penalty shootouts?

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            1. Anonymous Coward
              Anonymous Coward

              Re: @Octopoid

              ""The "full body dancing games" don't actually map your full body onto a character - it's not up to it."

              What are you on about? Try Dance Central, it does precisely this, so you're obviously completely wrong."

              It precisely does not do that.

              What Dance Central does, precisely, is this.

              You have to copy the dance moves of the on-screen character and are awarded points for how well you do this. All Kinect does is background removal and matches the resultant 2d silhouette of the player to what the game character is doing. If your silhouette matches the one it is expecting, you get points and the character moves on. People often feel that they are controlling the onscreen character in Dance central but they are not, it's the other way around. It is most certaily not, full skeletal mapping, which is one of the few cool things that kinect can do (which incidentally comes at a huge processsing price which is the reason for the big lag in games that do use it).

              It's the same with a lot of the Kinect games, they are designed to let you feel you are doing stuff in the game that you are not.

              Another example... JoyRide, at the start of a race when you first set off, the car sways left and right for a second or two, this is to prompt you into reacting by moving your hands to control the car which then straightens up and you think to yourself "phew, got that one under control, this steering must be really responsive" but the reality is you have done nothing, the game did it all. It's like you're all being "Derren Browned" or something.

              (Infamous) Joyride example here - watch the car at the start.

              It will be interesting to see what the developers come up with in the next 6 months or so, but I'm not holding my breath because inspite of the impressive technical nature of the device, if you take Kinect as a whole, including games, it's fucking bullshit.

            2. Octopoid

              Hillarious stuff

              Some of this has already been covered by the AC below, but anyway:

              "Yes, that's why the game football isn't real, because footballers can't possible use their legs to kick a ball whilst stood up."

              I never said that standing up wasn't real. That doesn't make any sense. If you actually read my post, I acknowledge at the end that kicking a ball is something the Kinect can do. Fine, no problem.

              "It can handle mock snowboard/skiing leg movements"

              I think you'll find that most of that relates more heavily to your waist, but fine - you can lean to steer, just like the Wii balance board.

              "Try Dance Central, it does precisely this"

              No it doesn't. They tried, but it wasn't up to it, so the on screen characters just play preset animations, and it loosely scores you on how close you are. There's a big big difference.

              "Head movements can be used for simple things such as nodding your head to say yes in an RPG game"

              Yeah, you could. I have to say pressing A has never really been too problematic for me, and how often do you really get asked yes/no questions in RPGs? It's normally "pick an answer from this list".

              "voice recognition voice is an option too"

              This really doesn't have much to do with Kinect, does it? This bit doing the work is software, and apart from that all it has is a built in microphone array, which Move absolutely does have. Even if it didn't, and Kinect didn't both consoles obviously have headsets available.

              "there's no reason other driving games, such as those with Kinect support demoed but not out yet, can't use the afformentioned feet movement for this"

              This one is genius. Are you serious? So, how's that going to work? Are you suggesting that you stand (remember you HAVE to stand) on the balls of your feet and then rock your right foot forward for the accelerator and the right foot for the brake? Even if the Kinect was accurate to detect this, which it probably isn't, that sounds horribly bad for your legs. The other option is, what? To lift your leg up to operate the pedal? You can't press it down, unless you've mastered a method of lifting both legs while standing. Let's hope you don't need to do any rally where you need both pedals at once eh? I won't bother going into it, but the whole "pretend steering wheel" concept just doesn't work either, for a good half a dozen reasons.

              "Bowling, Sprinting, Hurdles, Javelin, Boxing, Darts, Football, Discus, Long Jump, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Tennis, Archery, Paintball, Figure skating, Skiing, Hang gliding"

              A collection of sports mini games you say? Groundbreaking stuff.

              "Kinect is the only input device that can handle some of these sports- i.e. figure skating."

              Is that REALLY because the Kinect is the only device that can "handle" figure skating, or is it actually the much more likely reason that no-one wants a figure skating game?

              Oh, and whether you believe me or not - I have all 3 current gen consoles, and Move and Kinect. Move married with 3D is a fantastic experience - like the VR dream of old. Kinect feels like an advanced EyeToy experience. It's much better, but at the end of the day you're just waving your arms about to perform basic tasks and trigger preset animations. Even the menu browsing concept is basically exactly the same as the old EyeToy one.

              Don't get me wrong though - both Move and Kinect will be all but forgotten this time next year. They're both limited and gimmicky to differing degrees. Move however, does one thing pretty well - putting an object in your hand in 3D space. Kinect tries to do loads of things, and ends up doing a pretty poor job of most of them.

              "I guess you're just crying that someone insulted your poor little PS3?"

              Now that's funny - coming from an AC who's actually 75% XBOX boner by volume.

        2. Daniel B.

          OMG MS fanboys!

          The most amusing thing about this round of console wars is this: It doesn't matter if you buy a Kinect or a Move, in 6 months it will be gathering dust along with your Wii, your EyeToy, your "Karaoke DDR" microphone and your USB diadem you only used once with LifeLine. Time after time some boneheaded exec tries to bolt on some new gimmick onto a best-selling console, releases a couple of games that use 'em ... and then watches the game crash and burn, and then the addon die off because no-one else wants to add support for something that isn't standard on all consoles. The Wii was an instant hit because the motion controller was a standard controller for the thing, not something that had to be added later!

          And while PS3 is still "third place" in the worldwide numbers (4 million down), you should notice that the only regions where the 360 still leads are the US and UK; everywhere else the PS3 outnumbers the 360; and that is without counting that a good bunch of those 360's are RRoD replacements.

          And well... something that I've seen more appealing than movement controllers is the 3D stuff in certain games. I've seen a Gran Turismo 5 ... on 3D. That pulled my attention much more than the Kinect display I've seen ... where handling the controllerless menu was akin to using a miscalibrated touchscreen. I haven't tried the Move yet, but I'll probably be unimpressed as well.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Thumb Up

            Re: Daniel B

            "I haven't tried the Move yet, but I'll probably be unimpressed as well."

            It's like the Wii but really really really accurate and works on every axis.

            2 x motion controllers and a go on Tumble is a good demo of the accuracy, if your TV supports 3D then it's a good example of the things to come.

            Start the party is a good example of Move AR even if the game itself is a little limited.

        3. Citizen Kaned


          wasnt drakes fortune classed as the best platformer of all time?

          most people know that FPS = PC. they are terrible on a console. for me the ps3 was the easy choice. im not getting dragged into a flame war tho as im 35 and beyond all this childishness. both have their ups and downs, i personally prefer the ps3 exclusives to the xbox ones.

        4. LinkOfHyrule


          You both FAIL

          Who gives a shit - you don't see people arguing that their Philips kettle is better than their mates Murphy Richards kettle. Can you imagine two people arguing over that? It would be pathetic wouldn't it, they both do the same things! Makes tea for the kettles and plays games for the consoles!

          I own a DS a PC and a Wii with its "silly outdated controlls" and it has good games, as dose the DS, the PC, the PS3, the 360 and PSP - grow up and have fun playing the games ffs!

          You lot give fanbois a bad name! Its like the Speccy vs the C64 and the SNES vs the Megadrive all over again!

  3. LPF

    Oh Christ ....

    let the flame wars begin!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Surely soo many 360's are getting sold cos you need to replace the last one which has RROD'd on you.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      ...are free for 3 years in the UK.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    PS3 has been outselling the Xbox in Japan 10:1 for the last year... Your point? Americans like American things, Japanese like Japanese things....

    Brits just buy the best, which is why the PS3 has been outselling the 360 most weeks over here....

    Still nothing like sensationalist Microsoft propaganda on a slow news day.

    Clearly anyone that thinks this is newsworthy is a moron and missing the point that the Xbox is now in last place in sales, after the Sony closed down that 18months and 9m headstart in just under 4 year years (and at a much higher pricepoint), so clearly the PS3 is outselling the Xbox by 2m consoles globally EVERY year since launch.

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      1. Anonymous Coward

        VGchartz - LOL, the worlds most unreliable source of information.

        LOL, despaerate Xbox fanboys...

        Try looking at the ONLY source of official sales numbers - Microsoft and Sony end of year financial reports: NOTE: Sony run April - April and Microsoft run Dec - Dec, so the 2010 numbers are not really valid right now.


        2006: 3.5m (part year sales Dec - March, US only)

        2007: 9.1m

        2008: 10.1m

        2009: 13m

        2010: 5.9m (to date, as Sony run April - April)


        Microsoft seem to hide their data very well from fanboys. But these numbers are extracted from MS financial reports and are legit.

        2006: 5m

        2007: 6.6m

        2008: 8.7m

        2009: 11.2m

        2010: 10.3m

        The fact remains, Microsoft launched 18months before Sony, amassed 9m console sales, and now it's even-stevens... Clearly Sony has been massively outselling Microsoft year on year and at a higher price.

        1. Chris Harrison


          Put the PS3 controller down. Take a deep breath and go outside for some fresh air.

          You need a life.

          1. Daniel B.

            @Chris Harrison

            The PS3 dudes will put the controller down when the XBox dudes place their S controllers down as well. These kind of articles lure both types, it's kinda like the Apple articles. I do wonder why companies have those different "year periods"... shouldn't they all use Dec-Dec or Jan-Jan periods?

            1. Anonymous Coward
              Gates Halo


              No business or corporate experience then Daniel B, eh?

              Company fiscal years are determined based on when the company was incorporated. For example, HP's fiscal year runs from November 1st to October 31st.

              Otherwise if you'd have to wait until January 1st to start your company or have a huge hole in your records.

              @the guy who posted the 10k report numbers

              You know that companies can put whatever they want in their 10k's right? Sure, they have some audit guidelines, but nothing in a 10k should be taken as 100% true, much less an attempt at extrapolating console sales.

              Additionally, it would make sense that Sony's revenue numbers would be high, their console is far more overpriced. That doesn't mean it is outselling the Xbox, quite the opposite actually. If you want to argue revenue over units sold, we might as well talk EBITA or gross profit then. (protip, Microsoft will win there too).

  6. Dirk Vandenheuvel


    Actually it is 1.45 million vs 550K. 3-1 would be slightly more accurate.

  7. SuperTim

    flawed logic?

    Half of xbox buyers want kinect but only one fifth of PS3? i am not sure you could assume that, and given the relatively low cost of Move, many people would just buy a PS3 and a move pack at the same time.

  8. MJI Silver badge

    Wait until next year

    Looks like most good games of 2011 are PS3 exclusive or multiplatform.

    This should solve the problem for Sony.

    The "not as good as Project Natal" (I hate the name Kinect and the released version is definately sub Natal unfortunately #) customers are not that likely to buy the traditional 360 games.

    With only GEARS* of War 3 as an AAA exclusive for 360 (AFAIR) compared to the 5 or more for PS3 I think next year PS3 will catch up.

    Will buyers of the dancing game (reckoned to be best camera game) buy the core 360 audience games?

    As to Sony Move - decent games are required.

    Whatever 2011 will be interesting.

    * Differentiate from GOD

    # Revolution & Wii good name becomes naff name

    1. Annihilator Silver badge

      One thing missing

      The only thing that stopped me buying a Move recently, was the news that you have to go through the calibration routines every bloody time you decide to play it. Unless they fix that, I'm not really interested.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Not hard

        All you have to do to 'calibrate' it is aim the controller at the screen and press a button. I guess it's necessary because people playing will be varying heights. It's done in-game, not from the XMB and only takes a second, if that. Not a major drawback

        1. Annihilator Silver badge

          re: Not hard @AC

          Thanks for that :-) The review I'd seen exaggerated it massively then. May be splurging in the Jan sales then..

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Not surprising

    The X-Box360 has sold more than 10 million consoles than the Playstation 3 in the US - note I said IN THE US!

    In the US the X-Box360 has sold 27million, whereas the Playstation has sold 17million. Figures according to

    Now, considering the US is the X-Boxes BIGGEST market, and it has completely outsold the PS3, AND this analyst is basing this statement ON US SALES, is it any bloody wonder that the kinect sales are a lot higher?

    And for Microsoft X-Box fanboys, worldwide sales show only a 4 million lead over Sony - despite a 1.5 year head start on sales!! Very poor and Sony are catching up!

    Why is this even news? Please look worldwide, not just in the USA!

    In other news the PS Move has outsold the Kinect in Japan!! (I made this up. Not sure if it has been released in Japan yet - the PS Move that is).

    1. Anonymous Coward

      PS3 has now overtaken the Xbox in sales.

      The numbers Microsoft used were numbers that included "in-transit" numbers. Sony report "sold to store".

      It was a mere 300,000 units 2 months back., and at the current rate, the Xbox is almost certainly in last place. Of course that doesn't even take into account RROD replacements and people that just bought Xbox Slims because they were better. If you factor this, this PS3 is massively head in "gamer-count" rather than "console-count".

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        an of course all units "sold" to shops sell? ever heard of sale or return, no high street retail outlet would buy units without a sale or return clause

        Look i work for a outlet of these two devices and whilst there was an upturn in PS3 sales when they went slim generally xbox has a larger sell through rate. Thats my opinion and that of several other large stores i talk to.

        Finding actual customer sales data is going to be very hard / imposible, almost all figures you read will be to the store in one manor or another, the initial release of the PS3 was shocking, ~70% of the devices were returned, but i bet Sony didnt publish that!

        Intrestingly we find most people who buy a PS3 do so because of Blu-ray, and the console is the "extra" bit.

        I think if xbox ever had a blu-ray player which it wont but if it did sales figures would be much more intresting. Anyhow, what do i know, i only put these things in the customers hands and take their money.

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

  10. The main man


    It is common sense really that the cheaper console sells better than the most expensive console (even if the latter is the most powerfull). At the moment the least powerfull Wii is leading the sales chart (in all regions) followed by the 360 and then the PS3

  11. gmogmo

    Not strange since...

    PS3 Move bundle is more expensive than a PS3 + a Move starter kit, and the move starter kit is too expensive in itself (i.e. too little stuff in it for the price requested).

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The figures may have something to do with the fact that Sony seem unable to keep up with demand.

    As of now a Move starter pack on Amazon is going for nearly £60 because Amazon don't have any in stock (and haven't had any for a while) and that is what their third-party sellers have pegged the price at. I should be selling for £40-£45.

    A second motion controller will currently cost you - again on Amazon - £50.

    Yes they are available elsewhere, but you have to search and be quick to get them when they come into stock.

    That's a massive outlay for something that comes with no actual games, just a bunch of demos.

    The Kinect it pricier, but you only ever need that one unit and they are freely available so selling at the proper RRP.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      RE: Availability?

      "A second motion controller will currently cost you - again on Amazon - £50."

      Meanwhile, offline, you can nip down to Asda and pick one up for £29.99. Nav controllers are curently £19.99.

      Kinect is currently £129.99.

      All on the shelves, I was there yesterday.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        RE: Availability?

        Not at Asda online (£34.99, sold out) and not at my local store. Like I say, stocks are limited and you may have to be quick to get one when they are in

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Redundant redundancy.

    Thanks for going to such trouble with the maths. Ms Hilton has figured it out now. That means she understands. To summarise, she's worked it out.

  14. Chris Harrison

    Sony Fanbois make me laugh.

    Lot's of nice excuses above from the sony faithful.

    So MS are doing well here cos X360 is cheap, nope its because kinect is more expensive. or is it that sony aren't selling because they're sold out.

    Get a grip.

    Are you all really that insecure about your purchase?

    1. MJI Silver badge

      Not at all

      Both consoles have good games. I just feel that 2011 is the PS3s year. And that Kinect (I hate that name) is a short term but very interesting blip.

      I think the Wii will suffer though, a lot of their market will split with active going to MS and passive to Sony.

      I think that long term the Sony trend of buying studios will pay off.

      1. Chris Harrison

        Its always next year.

        Since the day the PS3 came to market, its been 'next year is the PS3's year'. Its quite laughable - I've never understood why so many people fail to understand that we the consumers need a tight fight between the consoles. I have a wii, XBox360, and PS2 under my TV and I don't want any company to 'win' the war.

        As to the kinect being a blip, that does depend on the games, but I don't think any of the three consoles motion based control systems are really up to scratch for anything beyond novelty gaming. They'll probably go the same way that I predict for the current 3d TVs - interesting technology but no killer app.

        The wii may suffer a little in the marketplace, but I don't think many people are going to be trading in their wii for either move or kinect.

        1. MJI Silver badge

          This time for games I think it is

          For the PS3 2007-8-9 were good, LBP in 2008 was very interesting. 2009 for UC2 again. Only really a few this year - GOW3 (GOD this time), Heavy Rain, GT5.

          But there are a large amount coming out next year of established series, and third party developers not called Insomniac have finally got a handle on PS3.

          I just happen to see what is being released and think - how can I afford them all.

          3D - I think it will stay but not be popular.

          Motion here to stay but hopefully optional, the best to use being the 360 Dancer, PS3 sports and PSN Tumble.

          Bye the way casual games bore me - I want to be transported off to some exotic location and play as an interesting character, don't care if Soldier, Spaceman, Lombax, Assassin, or fortune hunter, just entertain and astonish me.

          The huge this generation third person games to me are my favourites.

          1. Daniel B.

            Ugly names

            I sometimes think that MS is trying to replicate everything from success stories in the hope of replicating said stories, even the blunders.

            WinPhone 7 comes out without cut&paste, multitask ... just like iPhone.

            Project Natal gets changed to a stupid name: Kinect, just like Revolution got changed to another stupid name: Wii.

            Not to mention that Sony already had done the controllerless thingy with the PS2's EyeToy years before MS did. Anyone remember the Anti-Grav game? Probably the only good game for the EyeToy.

    2. This post has been deleted by a moderator

      1. MJI Silver badge

        Only the Wii has really been a success

        You need to remember that a lot has been spent on advertising by MS, I have seen 1 Move advert, too many to count Wiii adverts, and 5 or 6 Kinnect adverts.

        As to on BBC news - neither system is main stream newsworthy.

        As to worrying about sales - no, I am just going to carry on playing top rated games.

        Nate found the grenade!

        1. This post has been deleted by a moderator

          1. MJI Silver badge

            Poor ports - hopefully soon gone, anyway gamers win.

            With the change from 360 lead to PS3 lead multiplatforms seem to be getting better for everyone, regardless of format, learning to program for the Cell is improving code for the Xenon.

            DLC - seems to be half 360 half PS3, no real difference in the end.

            As to exclusives I would put the two flagship IPs as Uncharted and Halo, and Uncharted is as good as it has been hyped to be, a lot of Xbots hate on it simply due to being PS3 exclusive, do I hate on Halo, no, why should I? The developers of those two flagship IPs are actually friends!

            Racers Forza / GT5 come down to personal preferences.

            The developers do think that people who really knock platforms are fools as they are too busy playing each others games, yes Naughty Dog play Halo and Bungie play Uncharted 2.

            Fable was slated this year, sad but true, RDR was not great on PS3 again sad but true.

            I point out that 2011 is a great year for Sony launches and I get downvoted, yes it is good for the PS3 next year - best so far this generation, is it a crime? No.

            Personally I do feel that the Natal project was short changed into Kinnect. I still think it should have had more processing built in and finger recognition.

            I know I have been downvoted for owning a PS3 but it is not a crime.

            I will state that if this is downvoted you must one of the fools the developers warn us about.

            Finally what exclusive gamer games is the Xbox360 getting next year apart from GEARS* of War 3?

            GOW means too many things now!

            1. Fisher39


              I thikn you got downvoted because of your comments not because you own a PS3. Unless you have shares who the hell cares who's winning what war. I have an XBox and have more games than its possible to play and I suspect that the sames true for Ps3 owners.

              I don't like Move, I don't like the PS3 controller but so what? I do like what I have amd if you like your Ps3 good on you but wetting yourself over an argument about sales figures just seems wierd to me.

              Still, it takes all sorts

              1. MJI Silver badge
                Thumb Up

                A sensible post - Fisher39

                You like what you have.


                I will admit to 2 series on 360 I would not mind, but can't afford all the games I want anyway.

                My comments haven't been to inflame. But you would think half the readers of this thread work for MS.

                I have no issues either way with 360s, not overyly impressed with the camera - it is a shadow of what it could have been. I do know the 360 is very popular for FPS, good, I can also see why the 360 controller is better for FPS and the Sony controller for TPS (all to do with camera).

                But the game developers think this fan war is ridiculous.

                As before I think the downvoting is hilarious.

                1. This post has been deleted by its author

            2. MJI Silver badge

              I have caught a fool

              Oh look one of the fools we were warned about has downvoted me.

              The joke is on you not me.

              I am laughing at your foolishness.

              1. Anonymous Coward
                Anonymous Coward


                You have caught fool, much like you would catch a disease.

                For the record, I have a PS3 too. I don't think that makes me special, or some kind of fucking martyr.

                You prefer shiny box A to shiny box B. That's it. Now untie yourself from that cross of blurays and go and think about what you've done.

                1. MJI Silver badge

                  Prefer but not blinded AC-11:21

                  It is the constant downvoting cracking me up!

                  I have one very important thing to say.


              2. This post has been deleted by its author

            3. Si 1

              Xbox games next year

              Microsoft don't usually talk about games coming out the following year, they save it all for E3. They've always done it that way so every year it looks like they're short on exclusives, but it's really down to them not announcing stuff too early. Personally I prefer it like that, Sony whore their upcoming stuff way too early, like GT5, Last Guardian, Killzone 2, etc. How many E3s did they show those games at and not release that game that year? (I'm not sure Alan Wake counts as it vanished for years rather than showing up year after year).

              There is one more exclusive we currently know about for 360 next year: Forza 4.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Paris Hilton

        @AC - Yes

        Pot...Kettle...Black...Mirror...look in.


  15. Nathan 6

    Wait Till Apple Comes Out with Their Console

    What's going to happen when Apple does a gaming console based on iOS?

    1. MJI Silver badge

      Software is important

      Will you want to play a dip in type game on the TV, will there be all the good console games on it?

      There are already 3 advanced formats to handle for the multi platform.

      Will the MS and Sony exclusives go there?


    2. PoorLumpyPony

      A new level of fanboi-ism

      I'm not sure the register forum wil be able to cope

    3. Anonymous Coward


      Easy. The faithful will queue for days to pay an arm and a leg for an aesthetically gorgeous console that plays just one game, St Jobs favorite game. Most of the capabilities of the iConsole will be miles behind the curve but it'll do one small thing much better than the xbox, ps3 and wii and thus be hailed by the faithful iPress as groundbreaking. To get it working you'll need to buy an iCompass and align it to point to mountain view and be careful what surface you put it on because even a correctly aligned iConsole won't work if it is touched by the wrong material.

      12 months later it will be replaced by the iConsole+ that is the same thing with a bit more bling which in turn will be replaced by the iConsole2 which will play St Jobs new favorite game. Apple will copyright the word Console and sue the crap out of every company on the planet using that word regardless of their product.

      Several houses will be burned down by iConsole power supplies overheating but Apple will have no shortage of scientists to prove that it's all down to the owners, something to do with them wearing t-shirts in a non Jobs approved colour or somesuch. A few will explode too leading to free issue of carbon fibre and kevlar boxes to keep your iConsole in but that won't be a design fault in the iConsole, oh no. The iBombProofBox will just be there to enhance the look of the iConsole and free issuing them is just Apples way of saying thanks to their loyal drones^Hcustomers.

    4. LinkOfHyrule


      "What's going to happen when Apple does a gaming console based on iOS?"

      What, has Steve been working on the Pippin 2?

      Bet Shiggsy's shitting himself!

    5. Daniel B.


      I predict it will crash and burn ... based on previous history. Remember the Pippin? Probably not. Most of us learned about it when it came out in one of those "Worst Tech Flops of all time" lists.

    6. Anonymous Coward

      @Nathan 6

      >What's going to happen when Apple does a gaming console based on iOS?

      It'll sell as well as the Apple TV product they relaunch every year or so and then pretend they didn't.

  16. thesykes

    Will the Move and Kinect...

    become the 2011 equivalent of that wonder games controller...the dance mat? Remember them? Those wonderful inventions that allowed you to contort yourself to the amusement of friends and anybody walking down the street and looking through the window and are now stuffed back in their boxes in the loft, never to see light of day again, until they get dragged out and dumped in some charity box, car boot or school bring n buy sale.

    1. MJI Silver badge

      Wonder controllers

      I think the MS Kinnect games will keep on as party games, I think exercise and dance will be best usage, basically where the camera will track and compare rather than use as controller.

      The PS3 will get loads of naff ports of Wii stuff, and a few well used "normal" games.

      I don't think either will get dumped but I can see them being the equivalent of the Wii balance board - only used very occasionally.

  17. GeorgeTuk

    El Reg is behind the times...

    ....its all about iPhone4 vs Android and fragmentation.

  18. Andy ORourke

    Being able to have perspective

    I am lucky enough to have both XBox 360 and a PS3 I can say that I feel slightly less self concious wobbling around my living room looking as though I am taking part in an interperative dance session to the best of Rick wakeman than I would be waving my blue tipped glowing Dildo around!

    I love my PS3 for the BlueRay capability and the stunning games Graphics. I like the XBox for some of the novel controllers (like the Kinect and the Tony Hawk skateboard) and the Wii for the cute graphics.

    1. MJI Silver badge

      Feel a prat regardless of controller

      Lets think.

      Wave around like a wally?

      Wave around like a wally with a sex toy?

      Wave around like a wally with hand held fridge lookalike?

      Sit down with sex toy and point at TV?

      All we want is a lightsabre and a game we can use it with.

      Or sit down with conventional controller.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Down votes - hilarious

    I have noticed that a few people are getting downvoted for posts which are not even contriversal, definately a few Xbots on here. Only 2 flameworthy postings when I posted this.

    BTW one of those was the RROD post.

  20. Richard Bedford

    It must be panto time....

    My console is better than your console!!!

    Oh no it isn't!!!

    Oh yes it is!!!

    He's behind you!!!

    Boo hiss - here comes the evil Uncle PC with his opticore quad sli 8GB ram uber machine that costs 10 time more for twice the performance....

    Boo hiss!

    I'll get it meself...

  21. Tom 7 Silver badge

    advertising works

    not seen a single advert for the PS3 but a lot for kinetic.

    Me I'm getting into carpet, soft furnishing and fat bastards pants cleaning futures.

  22. MJI Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    THIS is the answer

  23. Anonymous Coward

    So - the PS3 is selling 250% more than the XBox?

    If the article is talking about combo sales...

    If 50% of Xbox combo sales is twice 20% of PS3 combo sales, then...

    100% of Xbox Sales is 40% of PS3 sales. So...

    PS3 sales are 250% of Xbox sales

    Can the author clarify their artivle please?


    xbox and ps3

    dont matter if xbox 360 has sold more than ps3 i want a console that doesnt charge me for playing online and is also reliable and quiet to and the ps3 does that for me my xbox has been sitting on shelve and i havent touched it for a while and i dont intend to. ps3 rules end of story

    1. Anonymous Coward


      PS3 Fanboys: unable to spell the word "shelf".

  25. A 31

    PS move ....

    ... is a bit pants, don't take me wrong the tech is great, super precise etc ... but I played with it 10-20 times, and I realised that on my own, I switch my console on to chill, and quickly revert to using the normal controler.

    It would be the same for a Wii or Kinect to be fair, most time, the last thing I want is to jump about in my living room. For that, I run four times a week.

    As for the fact that you have ot calibrate every time, well, since you probably moved , ps move needs to know where you are. Kinect is clever though, but all the same, fun at the start, then back to real gaming.

    As for the fanboy comments, if you had the time to analyse that, I suggest you are in the same predicament as the fanboy itself.

  26. Paul Hates Handles


    PS3/XBOX fanboy whining again? Really? Five years on?

    I have an xbox myself, it's awesome - but I had the fun of playing on a PS3 again the other day. Also fun. Load time sucked balls but bombing round the race track was awesome.

    It's all about the games. That, and we all have about an inch of dust on our Wiis.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  27. asdf

    PS3 fanbois missing point

    The point is not whether the PS3 outsells the Xbox 360 for the generation. The fact they are even close this long after release means Sony obviously failed (selling less consoles than the last generation never mind like 50+ million less, pretty much means epic fail). This is especially bad considering how 1337 M$ hardware is (lmao@Zune, %33 failure rate on Xbox, etc). Its kind of like Letterman back in the day putting the billboard up bragging about being in 3rd place.

  28. Anonymous Coward

    Get a proper gaming platform - get a PC

    nuff said.

    /me ducks

    1. MJI Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Quad core rules

      Nothing wrong with PCs for gaming, I like Valve stuff.

      Orange box keeps me amused through all the reality gumpf on TV

  29. Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face


    Saw the Kinect demo'd at the weekend. Kid jumped... Tumbleweed... Character on screen jumped.

    I was simply whelmed.

  30. paul 97
    IT Angle


    I want a kinnect - even tho I dont have an xbox (nor intend to get one due to xbox live).

    Im sure there are a few people like me , not millions but several thousand.

  31. Matthew 17

    Why would anyone want to stand up to play a computer game?

    Sounds wrong this, you need to slob on the couch with nibbles & beer!

    We all bought the Wii and realised after about 10 minutes that they were shit destined for a life of gathering dust under the telly or obscurity via an Ebay auction.

  32. Bynar

    I wanted both....

    But realised that -

    My living room isn't big enough to handle a kinect.

    That apart from Tiger Woods there wasn't anything on the PS Move that interested me that hadn't already been done to death on the Wii, which is gathering dust at home as it is.

  33. Steve Ives
    Paris Hilton


    On Kinect vs. Wii - interesting comparison. The Kinect measures your body movement to control your steering, the Wii measure where you are putting pressure on the board. It seems, that for this application, that the Wii version would be more realistic (yes - I have snowboarded).

    Similarly, I can't image a Kinect driving game matching my Forza or GT5 setup with seat, FF wheel, gear changes etc. Even Mario Kart - how do you map the accelerator/brake - I guess you could fire weapons via voice. FPS's - weapon changes and even something as basic as aiming could be problematic.

    For other games (tennis, bowling, to name just 2) the Kinect way is better.

    I think some genres of games will be more suited to a particular motion-tracking system better than another, but I wouldn't be surprised, if MS keep backing the Kinect, to see a little handheld controller of some sort appear.

    The statement that any one of these systems is inherently better than the other is ridiculous.


    Paris, 'cos she knows when pressure or movement is the best way to go.

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