back to article UK government looks for 500MHz spectrum

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills reckons there's 500MHz of spectrum that can be sold off to bring faster wireless to the masses, but finding it might prove tricky. The promise comes as part of Britain's Superfast Broadband Future, which iterates a government target to find an additional 500MHz of spectrum, …


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  1. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

    This caught my eye,

    and I immediately thought what a ZX Spectrum running at 500MHz (as opposed to 3.75 MHz) would be able to do.......

    I'll get my jacket myself.

    1. Lockwood


      That was my exact thought as well.

      I'm disappointed now.

  2. JaitcH

    Spare Spectrum? Don't do what the U.S. did!

    The U.S. FCC hired contractors to do a spectrum use survey to get an updated picture.

    Out they went and after months of surveying they compiled a report that showed well under 50% of the assigned (licenced use) frequencies were actually being used.

    An old RF hand in the FCC spot checked some of the report findings and he found that the 'unused' frequencies were actually the mobile transmit frequencies - the surveyors had used an antenna with low elevation which was great for receiving the 'base station' frequencies radiated from high atop tall masts.

    The 'mobile' transmitters had lower elevation, naturally, and as a result the surveyors had failed to detect their use!

    Colour the report a failure!

    1. Kurgan

      A costly failure, I suppose

      How much money did these geniuses get for this highly professional job?

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. Oninoshiko


      i think "going in circles" is intended literally. for example, if I am walking down the street, and you see me, then you decide to follow me, but I notice you and i decide that you would me interesting to follow, we just start going in a circle.

      This is not likely something that could ACTUALLY happen with an idea, 'round these parts we have this thing called a "joke."

  4. Anonymous Coward


    I too hoped for a revamped rubbery-keyed helpful IDE before it's time super-machine. My left hand just jumped to 7, 8, 9, 0 in anticipation of a new Harrier Attack :o)

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    UK Gov reaping and sowing?

    Well, why should this be important?

    Look at the news, UK news. Royalty threatened as never before, populace attaching more importance to accounts by 14 to 23 year olds over and above similar accounts years ago by salt of the earth colliers and working classes.

    What, you might ask, is the connection?

    My answer is: the Tory party.

    This is how it works, how it manifests it self-importance when in government and how it redeems itself to its own.

    The 500MHz issue is probably a Whitehall instigated initiative that relies wholly or not upon 4 minutes of a junior ministers time?

    Were there blood, harm and hurt in the matter then it would probably attract a great deal more attention than it will.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    As a ps to mine own self

    Reaping and sowing? Within a short space the UK Gov has reaped what it sowed.

    This is how it works.

    The coalition has sold out and the Liberals/SDP predictably sold out under scrutiny of investigation and exploration requiring justification. But we always knew that they would for it is in their nature so to do?

    A dinosaur has emerged into 21st Century and wants a return forthwith to the Carboniferous Era as a matter of priority. It's sadness is overwhelmingly horrid, torrid and rank.

    It's appeals to fairness touch the abhorrently awfulness that lies within us, or most of us, all.

    500 MHz? It merely depends on the gusto of Whitehall. The rest of UK Gov has far more vanity to expend on vain issues overwhelmingly vain in deed, thought, action and motivation.

    O woe is you (for I ever anticipated it would be so)

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Stupid IS as Stupid DOES...!

    Have one bunch of id10Ts (eg..american) who have no idea of what they are doing or how dangerous what they are messing about with...

    (ie. they didnt think to ask DoD/MoD Comms/Radar Experts about the dangers of Microwave Radiation. Common knowledge in Military RF circles that those spinny Radar arrays are leathal for anyone to walk in front of one whilst its on and that general exposure is not healthy in any way.)

    they then took the assumption it was all safe as houses and with nice range like TV broadcast signals.

    then have another lot of 10T's (rest of world - eg.."POLITICOS!!!") who think, oh they let them do it, lets do the same...

    result is.... lots of really fancy usefull comms gear that has some really nasty long term effects on everything (including said 10T's) only drawback is that the effects can take 10-20+ years to show up as serious DNA damage which will mean all the original 10t's(who havnt died of cancer) will have done a runner claiming "it wasnt our fault!!!"

    the day of reakoning is coming and all them 10T's are going to find themselves against a wall.. in the full glare of world TV.

    advance tickets for the witness gallery for the trials and executions will be available shortly. please forward all payments to El.Reg. :)

  8. Secret geek

    I created an account specifically... down vote those last three posts. I felt there had to be some pay back for the time I wasted reading them.

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