back to article iPad to lose weight, gain eye

Next year's iPad will have a front facing camera, a higher-resolution screen and lose a bit of weight too, Chinese sources have been telling Reuters. Factories are already ramping up for production of the new iPad, with a view to an early 2011 launch, which would fit Apple's usual schedule of product releases. Reuters reckons …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Higher res?

    Higher res screens might be a problem. Not from 'fragmentation' - there's already support in the OS for scalable screen elements, so long as it's the same aspect ratio existing apps would just scale up nicely just like they do on the iphone4.

    The problem would be games. The ipad already has a LOT of pixels to push for a mobile GPU. If they went iphone4-style crazy and quadrupled the pixel count, most games would slow to a crawl. Unless there's a new, 4x more powerful gpu, or it's only a doubling of pixel count.

    1. ThomH Silver badge


      Fragmentation basically isn't an issue here. I'll bet that if Apple do anything then they'll increase the pixel count by an integer multiple, just as on the iPhone. So you don't even get scaling artefacts on software that was hand designed to the pixel on a lower resolution device.

    2. Michael C

      4x? not quite

      approx 4X would bring the resolution of the iPad up to the retina level, however, that resolution is one not even seen on 30" displays today. Likely we'll see a screen offering 900 vertical lines, possibly even a 4:3 equivalent capable of showing 1080p video (something close to 1200v lines and 1900-2100 wide).

      An updated A4 with 1GB of RAM, a slight CPU bump to 1.4, and perhaps even the slightly next gen Marvel GPU could handle that resolution as equivalent frame-rates to the current screen. This is not a major jump, as the current hardware technically can handle 1080p already, just not while back-grounding too much, and it;s right on the edge of support. a 30 or 40% performance boost, and enough RAM to hold higher res textures, and it;s done.

    3. Anonymous Coward

      Doubling the pixel count...

      Will bring the resolution up to 2048x*1536. Which is, for all intents and purposes, more than good enough.

      It's bad enough that the iPad doesn't support running retina-enabled apps at their native resolution even though the display is more than capable. They should work on that first, since retina-enabled iPhone apps still look somewhat like crap on an iPad.

  2. The main man

    I fell sorry....

    For those who spent a great deal buying the first generation. I remember seeing quite a lot models in CEX shop not long after launch (some people cashed in quickly). I am safe from all this because i don't buy such gadgets:) i will watch from the sidelines and see who the winner is

    1. Lord Elpuss Silver badge
      Paris Hilton

      I feel sorry

      For you, never having experienced the joy of first-gen ownership. That sense of childlike wonder, that so much technology can be packed into a space so small and perfectly formed.

      Yes, I have an iPad; (although I don't consider it true gen1 as it built on the iPhone R&D investment) - it's a beautiful device, which works exceptionally well within the uses I have for it. I have exactly no regrets about buying early as the way I see it, I'll have had at least a year of pleasure from it while you're still sitting on the sidelines waiting for the 'right' time to jump in.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        You can keep it

        Don't feel too bad for him, he still has his money :) whereas you have parted with it. Nobody is envious on this side, we just think it's crap and not worth the money.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: You can keep it

          Indeed. With all that "childlike wonder" - sheesh! - it's a case of so much shiny, so little time to take it in before the next air-drop.

          Unless Steve can pull something new out of his hat, he'll be feeling the heat from the competition across the board well before the next big unveiling.

    2. Steve Todd Silver badge

      What a spectacularly dumb comment

      The people who bought the first generation model did so in the full knowledge that it was a first generation product. The vast majority are satisfied with the capabilities of the device (hence the stellar sales numbers) and may or may not decide to upgrade to the next model depending on their personal take on the improvements that are made in the next version. Meanwhile they can get plenty of good use out of this version, and expect a decent price on the used market when they decide to part with it.

    3. Nic 3


      and not get to play. You have to take a dip some time!

      Oh and there will be no winner as such given that the form factor will continue to evolve.

    4. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Don't feel sorry. I'm still happy

      I bought my iPad in June, and there's still nothing on the market that's significantly cheaper, with the same abilities. Yes I know there's a bunch of Android cheapies from China, for under £200 - but Android isn't a tablet OS yet, and the screens and batteries aren't all that hot anyway. The Toshibas break, and the Samsung is more expensive.

      That's actually quite impressive. Any PC/smartphone/console would be expected to have dropped at least 20% in price in that timeframe. Either itself, or the competition. I'm sure Apple's margins have gone up over that timeframe, but the competition still hasn't caught up, so Apple's price can't be that much of a rip-off.

      So I've had 6 month's use of my iPad, which weighs half what my old HP tablet did, and has 3 times the battery life. I might start to get an itchy credit card by the time Android 3 comes out, but that'll be nearly a year after I got the iPad.

      By the looks of it, that'll only match what I've already got, so I guess my next tablet will be in 2 years. I can live with 2 years lifecycle, from a portable device costing the same as a modern smartphone.

      If you didn't buy tech because something better and cheaper will be along in a year, then you'd still be on a Commodore 64 or perhaps Colossus...

    5. ThomH Silver badge

      So then you'll never buy any product?

      This is how Apple works: every year a new version of the product, with a bunch of features not present in the preceding iteration. Most other manufacturers do the same thing, but by supplying the improvements as and when they're available rather than sticking to an annual launch cycle. In any case, any product you buy will be 'less' than the current product a year later by at least one metric that interests you.

    6. Doofry

      Don't feel sorry for us

      I bought my iPad when they were released and it's been al round the world with us and been used constantly since for a miriad of things by myself, girlfriend, nieces, nephew, mates kids, etc. By the time the new one is released I'll be more than ready to upgrade and probably give my old one to my mother as an elderly friendly web browser/eReader. Either that or sell it and upgrade. I'd be more than happy that I've had my monies worth out of it for the price difference over the best part of a year I'd have had it.

      Some times standing on the side lines.....just means you're left standing on the sidelines.

  3. Tzael

    The white iPhone 4, now with new improved model number!

    At this rate the white iPhone 4 really will be the iPhone 5!

    Seems like Apple have been going for roughly 1 new iPhone model a year so should see the new device around June/July 2011. I would be curious from a scientific standpoint to meet and observe the creature that has purchased the original iPhone, 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4 and is already eagerly imagining being in a queue for the next model...

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Eyes, meet screen.

      The article was about the iPad, not the iPhone. Still, let's not let anything inconsequential like the subject of an article get in the way of your trolling.

    2. Mr__H

      Err... this is an article about the iPad.

      Try and stay on topic. Who cares about a white iPhone? Really? Fanboi posers maybe.

      (I have a white 3G after all)

    3. Nic 3

      there must be some

      I did 3G & 3GS and I am waiting for the 5 before I go again. I know a lot of people doing the same.

    4. illusion


      What are you rambling on about?

    5. AF

      Not quite one new model a year

      The 2011 model will show us what Apple's plans are with the iPhone. I suspect that we'll get an iPhone 4 S rather than a 5 - and the iPhone 5 will come along in 2012. Given that most contracts are in the order of 18/24 months these days, a 2-year major update cycle would make more sense. The 3G S wasn't enough of an update annoy 3G owners in mid-contract (except the rabid fanbois who couldn't understand why Apple didn't just give it them for free) so it would make sense to do the same again.

      We also know that Apple only intend their phones to have a two-year lifespan, since newer versions of iOS only really support the current and immediately preceeding model.

      PS You're on your own, by the way - I really do NOT want to meet the person who bought all the previous ones and would queue for the next; that's why I buy online and have it delivered to me. No way am I being applauded for giving a company my money...

      1. Giles Jones Gold badge

        So what

        Two years is better than one year with the competition.

        Buy a Sony Ericsson and in two years the collaboration may have dissolved

        Buy a Nokia and you're lucky to get two months of support/updates, never mind two years.

        HTC give you about a year tops.

        1. justkyle


          But only on the first 2.

          HTC is making some decent kit nowadays...

          Still, iPad is a vanguard of the 'Pad devices.

          Any reason why RIM wasn't mentioned?

          AFAIK, Sony Erricsson doesn't have a 'Pad device?

          Nor does HTC.

          Nokia has the Tablet, or at least had it. I have one lying around my cube somewhere (old 770 series.)

          Coat, with the oversized iPad pockets (Thanks for being prescient, Columbia)

    6. g e

      I'd imagine

      They'd be very similar to the same bizarre creature which will replace their ipad1 with an ipad2 just because ipad2 is released.

      Even when everyone knows there was no reason to ship ipad1 without a camera or a usb or sd card slot other than to put some of those features into ipad2 to milk these strange beings for their cash all over again.

      Still it's their cash. If they're happy to be milked for it then by all means milk away.

  4. Bill Gould
    Thumb Up

    Not for me...

    I've been watching the Playbook with anticipation though. BES integration, I have to carry a phone as well so I might as well use it for my pads 3G, not Apple... ;) I'm curious to see if RIM can take back some of the corporate market that went silly for the iPad.

  5. Michael C


    "Increasing the resolution risks fragmenting the iOS platform"

    The iOS SDK has featured resolution independence for quite some time. There are essentially 2 "sizes" to worry about. 3.5" and tablet. The layout of the application needs to account for only those 2 modes, and the application scales in resolution quality outside of that. only people continuing to release apps containing bit-mapped images outside of using the tools available to them in Core Animation and OpenCL have issues with resolution changes, and that's only an image quality issue, not an application scaling issue.

    A new screen resolution is a non-issue for the vast majority of apps being currently released.

  6. Steve Graham

    RE: The white iPhone 4, now with new improved model number!

    That'll be Stephen Fry! (Apart from the standing in queues bit, obviously.)

  7. Airhead


    Can't see the horizontal resolution going past 1440, especially if they're making it thinner. More likely it'll be bumped up to 1280 or the 1366 as on the new 11" Macbook Air

  8. proto-robbie

    I'm waiting for the one with the air-cooled CPU...

    Hopefully called the FaniPad.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I'm waiting

      For the one with anti-bacterial coating. The saniPad

  9. Neel

    Right one for me

    I never had anything Apple before iPhone 4, previous ones lacked too many functions and seemed slighly short in specs. with iPhone 4 it finally met my expectations...hopefully iPad 2 will be the same, the first one definately looked like Apple were holding back slighly.

  10. Maty

    Why ....

    Does the Reg keep calling this a 'fondle slab'?

    Excuse my Kryten-like literal-mindedness, but why should one fondle an iPad more than a laptop or mobile phone? You hold it and tap it, and if this is what Reg writers consider fondling, then perhaps they do indeed lead geeky solitary lives.

    1. Mike Flex

      Why Does the Reg keep calling this a 'fondle slab'?

      For fun of course. And to annoy the fanbois. Even more fun!

  11. Rick Eastwood


    Will people stop calling me f%%%%ing stupid for having bought an ipad ?

    I bought it knowing exactly what it didnt do and it's FOR ME an awesome piece of kit. it does pretty much what I want ALL THE TIME FOR ME !!!

    I dont give a toss if you dont want one, thats fine. I wanted one, I got one and FOR ME its really really good.

    I wont be getting an ipad 2 as from what Ive read about its spec cos there's no deal breaker there for me to "upgrade". Ill stay happy with my ipad until it doesnt do what I want. Until then keep your pointless random and ignorant abuse to yourself.

    1. Radelix


      People who buy $Gadget are dumb as I have $OtherGadet and it is clearly superior to the $Gadet. I will continue to verbally abuse those who bought the $Gadget and expouse with gleeful joy the positive points of my $OtherGadget. That being said I, for my purposes, have yet to see a need that is filled by a fondle slab of any incarnation.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        There are 4 variables to replace here...





        I think you could've used two.

  12. johnnymotel

    or this version?


  13. Anonymous Coward

    fondle slab...

    thats the thing with crapple... I too belive that the first fondle-slab had room for features that they were holding back for the second comming....

    the crapple cycle appears to be (and the same for all crapple kit) is buy one, skip a generation, time to buy again. They just dont update enough features that its worth buying the new version if you have the last version.

    I will never own a crapple product for the simple reason is that they forget who owns the hardware and while setting up the jesus phone 3gs for our daughter, (these days you are a social lepper if you dont have the right smartphone in school) you need a credit card to attach to your itunes account even to download free apps.

    buying any first gen product is never a good idea... you pay a premium to beta test the product....

    1. Anonymous Coward

      RE: fondle slab...

      "thats the thing with crapple... I too belive that the first fondle-slab had room for features that they were holding back for the second comming"

      Then yuo are an idiot. Apple were a year earlier than the competition. Perhaps, just perhaps, they didn't have time to add every feature under the sun. Perhaps they even designed it in such a way that is doesn't need every feature under the sun. There's even the possibility that because they were first to market nobody even knew how tablets would be used and so they didn't know which features would be needed on gen 1.

      It's all well and good the Android fanbois bashing apple, but Google have never been first to market with any product so they always know which features are required!

  14. Dave 126 Silver badge


    Mr R. Eastwood:

    You're not f%%%%ing stupid for buying an iPad.

    Those who wait for Apple's competition / don't require that class of device:

    Yours too is a valid position.

    The positive: A lot of time, thought and money has gone into designing iProduce.

    The negative: (for users like me) A lot of time and thought has been put into how to make a return on the money spent of design, imposing limits on what the machine can do.

  15. Dick Emery
    Thumb Down


    No USB or SD = no thanks.

    1. proto-robbie


      It does have USB, and doesn't need South Dakota.

    2. Steve Todd Silver badge

      Given that the current model

      already has an optional USB adaptor and SD reader how do you come to the conclusion that the iPad 2 won't have at least that, and possibly one or both built in?

    3. dylan 4

      No USB or SD...

      but at least it exists. As for the iPad 'competition': vapourware = no thanks!

  16. whats the point of kenny lynch?


    Would love a panty pad but the price is ridiculous, so i bought an advent vega from (apologies) pc world - its great and half the price of the ipad..

    And i can expand the storage and play flash. Its a great piece of kit if you can get hold of one....and i'm a long time mac user but the ipad is way overpriced.

  17. Rolf Howarth

    Hope it's soon

    I hope the new iPad comes out soon. My mum is desperate for an iPad and I promised to give her my old one once the new one is out, but I'm not sure how long she can hold out.

  18. Maty

    Ok, let's try explaining it this way ...

    On a five day overseas trip last month, I used email to keep up to date with work, I watched my usual TV programmes, and a movie on the airport bus. I read my normal newspapers and listened to my usual radio stations. I talked once or twice a day with the family on Skype. I read two books and bought one more.

    I found where I needed to go with google maps, and checked I was at the right place on streetview. Changing planes on the way home, I played a game of Civ. All the while I kept an eye on our web server, and though I didn't need it, I had ssh set up for emergencies.

    And I used nothing but the iPad for all the above. It's small and light enough to just slip into my luggage. A few years back, the kit I needed to do all the above WAS my luggage. The iPad doesn't let you do anything new. It just makes doing it easy, hassle-free - and expensive. It is a very Apple product.

    If you need it, it's wonderful. If you don't need it, don't get it.

  19. Karl 14

    I was a doubter...but I love the damn thing

    I was a doubter and I love all things Apple, but the iPad just didn't cut until I actually started playing with one and to my surprise they are really useful bits of kit and I will more than likely upgrade when the new one comes out next year.

  20. mhenriday

    NOW I understand

    what those «减肥» messages I get from Chinese sources are all about ! What would I do without the Reg !...


  21. Graham Bartlett


    For sure.

    Except I can do all that with my £200 netbook. I can also run OpenOffice on my netbook to do all the word-processing and spreadsheet stuff I need for my company. I can install Visual Studio for cutting code. For these I have a full-size fairly-tactile keyboard on which it is possible to touch-type. I can plug in my camera and download photos off it directly, or I can take the SD card out of the camera and plug it into the netbook's card reader. In other words, I can do much more for much less money. The big difference is that my netbook running WinXP is a lot less nice to look at, and it's less friendly to run the various features.

    Which is a very Apple difference. The Apple formula has always been to take stuff that's already been invented, put the best user interface and case design on it possible, restrict what you can do with it to ensure the user interface stays sound, and sell it for three times the price of anything else. In other words, it's the difference between a Jaguar and an ultra-tweaked Ford Focus RS. The Ford Focus will whip the pants off the Jag on any kind of measurement - but it's the Jag which is the aspirational purchase. :)

  22. Tigra 07 Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Not in agreement

    "The iPad is facing increased competition from Android-based alternatives, but nothing to really frighten Cupertino."

    Too bad that wasn't iphone.

    And concerning the ipad I would consider a laptop a decent competitor.

    Right now i'm running android 2.1 and Windows 7 and not only do they compliment each other great, but they're running apps from each other and i don't need multiple accounts for everything.

    That's how it should be, you shouldn't need all apple kit or all Microsoft.

    You should be able to have an open web where that's allowed and just choose the brand that you want rather than the one you need to use certain programs/apps.

  23. paul 97

    apple will need to work hard

    As advent (dixons) with their vega (£230) mean apple have some serious competition.

    Web browsing better on the vega (due to flash) but fart sounding apps better on the iPad. (quantity)

    Angry birds great on both , so its a draw there.

    1. whats the point of kenny lynch?
      Thumb Up

      i have one...

      and i'm a long time mac user but the vega is bloody great once you mod it and get market place on there.

      it's not as pretty as the ipad and not as fluid but its £249 and you can bang more storage into it.

      even the default browser is okay and runs flash - this is where apple is making a big mistake (along with no blu-ray players)..they should phase flash out slowly rather than just banning it....

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